Monday, December 8, 2008


I am. For a week now I have been promoting a live play by play of the Eukanuba National Championship. After visiting the AKC events page, I report, chagrined, that the event will not be televised live, and will not be aired until 31 January, some six weeks after the fact. I apologize for providing you all with bum information. However, I will be getting field reports and will be publishing them as they come in to keep you all up to date. And for all of you with longer attention spans, we will do a play by play for the 133rd Westminster Kennel Club Show on 9&10 February, Monday and Tuesday.


  1. Hi Billy,

    I undersand Charmin can't compete again in the Eukanuba since he won last year. He will however be cometing in the International competition against his brother, Merci, the Top Dog in Canada. It should be exciting!

  2. Giant Group Three today.... Karen's Pyr won the group...

  3. Charmin is listed on the AKC 2ebsite as one of the Sealies qualified for the show. However, AKC, like I, has been known to make mistakes on their website. ;-)