Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Brothers Brian & Clint Livingston with BIS Pointer, GCH CH Chersterhope's State of T Art, & the RBIS Pharaoh Hound,GCH CH Osiris Cowboy Casanova.
At our house we are in holiday mode from Halloween to New Year’s Day.  Our house is a frenzy of decorating, cooking, and partying from October 31st to January 1st every year.  This annual celebration leaves many of the family in post-holiday depression on January 2nd, but not us. The first quarter of the year offers so many doggy delights that we have something to look forward to every weekend.  Every year we try to offer our readers something new, a practice that has had mixed success.  While our list of DOGS2WATCH has proven a favorite, our attempt to maintain a list of the Top Ten Dogs in each region fell flat.

However, we think this year’s introduction will prove to be one of our most popular to date.  Starting later this month we will replace our Dog Show Poop Top Ten with a Top Ten that includes extra points for a Reserve Best In Show win.  It will be based on dogs defeated, i.e. the number of dogs actually competing minus the points awarded to the group winner from the group of the Best In Show Winner.  Like our Traditional Top Ten rankings this list will be based, in part, on estimates produced by our mathematical model. 

We suspect that the With RBIS Rankings will track closely with the Traditional Top Ten, but we are hoping to have some fun with it.  Let us know if there is there something else you would like to see on Dog Show Poop.  We rely on our readers for all our best ideas.


  1. GREAT IDEA!!!! Glad someone is going to do it!!! Meg

  2. Exactly!! If you are going to award it why not get some points toward it and actully make it mean something!

  3. It's about time. Someone did something with this important award. Thank you Coventry Corgis

  4. RinChen Tibetan Terriers supports your logical approach to rankings!
    It should be factored in as it clearly indicates that the RBIS dog has defeated all but the BIS dog and the group he represents. Do you know if any of the show magazines are preparing to include the RBIS in their published stats?

    1. To my knowledge only DSP is attempting to capture RBIS points. The rewrite of the statistical programs AKC and the magazines are using would be a very expensive proposition. DSP is a not for profit organization and I am a one man shop. It leaves me a great deal of freedom on choosing my projects.

  5. Yes definitely should be included in the points!