Saturday, April 18, 2009


Dog show fanciers and Presidential pundits had the opportunity to share common ground today in Vallejo CA where the Chief Solano Kennel Club kicked off their weekend with BIS judge Joe Walton.

CH Aviator’s Luck Be A Lady

Among his finalists was a Portuguese Water Dog, CH Aviator’s Luck Be A Lady, to give everyone a glimpse of an example of America’s new First Dog. Also on hand were the Flat Coated Retriever, CH Starworker’s Dealer’s Choice JH OA OAJ, the Basset Hound, CH Blossomhill’s Mamma Mia, the Bedlington Terrie, CH Boardwalk’s Bling Bling, the Pomeranian, CH Strlight’s Smile From Siam, the Bichon Frise CH Paray’s Rime Time, and the Bearded Colle, (take a deep breath) CH Brigadoondaybarbelieveitornot.

We in the fancy know that the PWD, Ladybug, is a serious competitor handled by a serious competitor, but they still must be having a little fun with the extra adoration courtesy of the Portie’s current notoriety. Ladybug was bred by Craig & Suzanne Kuehn & Cathy Dugan, is owned by Mike & Cathy Dugan, and handled Amy Rutherford. Congratulations to them all on their first BIS this year.


Our next report is from the wilds of Lewiston ID where the Palouse Hills Dog Fanciers staged day two with judge Dany Canino doing the honors.

CH Toasty’s Treasure Island

Her finalists were day one winner, the Golden Retriever, CH Toasty’s Treasure Island, the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, CH Afterglow Ebeneezer, the Doberman Pinscher, CH Marienburg’s Inaqui Sukiyaki, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, CH Trugrip’s One Singular Sensation, the Affenpinscher, CH Pramada’s Naughty Natalie, the Chinese Shar-Pei, CH Melvard’s Doll Of Destiny, and the Bouvier Des Flandres, CH Sanrick’s Virtual Reality.

It may be April, but it was Groundhog Day for the Golden, Treasure, as she picked up her second BIS in as many days.


We are please to have some more early weekend results for you these courtesy of the Pioneer Valley Kennel Club who’s show today in West Springfield MA got the assist from judge Wayne Gurin on the Best In Show deliberations.

CH Whitebred’s Kissed By Kenningway

Lining up for the big rosette were the Brittany, CH Tonan-Hope's R U Kiddin' Me, the Scottish Deerhound, CH Gayleward Tiger Woods, the Akita, CH Sondaiza’s Seize The Moment, the Smooth Fox Gterrier, CH Avalon Eclipse, the Pekingese, CH Lin-Lee’s For The Good Time, the Bichon Frise, CH Whitebred’s Kissed By Kenningway, and the Bearded Collie, CH Tolkien Raintree Mister Baggins.

We always love it when a dog whose name we have not heard before wins a BIS and now we are acquainted with the Bichon, Prince. The three year old dog was bred by Karen & John Graeber, who co-own Prince with Kendra James. Congratulations to them and handler Anibal Faria.


We don’t often get west coast results in before the east coast shows, but thanks to one of our considerate readers we have these results from the LA burg of City of Industry CA and the Angeles Canyon Dog Club.

CH Coventry Vanity Fair

The judge was the fabulous Michelle Billings and her finalists were the English Setter, CH Artizoe High Caliber, the Afghan Hound, CH Jakar Winsong Elevate Your Game, the Portuguese Water Dog, CH Surfdogs Haole Boy GQ, the Scottish Terrier, CH Roundtown Mercedes At Maryscot, the Brussels Griffon, CH Cashin’s Walk The Line, the Shiba-Inu, CH Jogoso’s Notorious, and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, CH Coventry Vanity Fair.

Bill Shelton’s Corgi, Carly, has been quietly showing up for final after final these past two years and has been in and out of the all breed top 25 all year. This Best In Show, her fourth this year, should move her up a notch or two.


We are lucky enough to have some more early weekend reports for you. Today in Zolfo Springs FL (That’s about 90 minutes southeast of Tampa) Frank Washabaugh was the Best In Show Judge and the Heartland Dog Club was the host.

CH Harbor’s It Had To Be Me

The finalists were the Black Cocker Spaniel, CH Bracon’s Leapin Lily Pads, the Whippet, CH Karasar’s Jezebel JC, the Bullmastiff. CH Red Vico Woks In Paradise, a Miniature Schnauzer from the classes, Lakeside’s The Goodbye Look, the Havanese, CH Harbor’s It Had To Be Me, the Bichon Frise, CH Bodacious In Enemy Territory, and the Belgian Malinois, CH Taliesin’s La Boheme.

Picking up her second BIS of the hyear was the Havanese, Lotus. Congratulations to breeder/owner Connie Field and handler Harry Bennet.


We have a dedicated I-Reporter sending us results from Terre Haute IN this weekend and we now have today’s results from the second Terre Haute Kennel Club show.

CH Tupelo ShoBoat Tu China Tu

Donna Cole got to make the BIS call and she had the German Wirehaired Pointer, CH Star K's Mile Hi Valentine, the Petiti Basset Griffon Vendeen, CH Rokeena Carte Blanche, the Giant Schnauzer, CH Tanglewood's Bocephus, the Smooth Fox Terrier, CH J’Cobe Vigilangte Justice, the Pug, CH Tupelo ShoBoat Tu China Tu, the Chinese Shar-Pei (to be named later) and the German Shepherd Dog, CH Woodside Pacino.

And the Toy Dogs continue to slug it out in the top ten. This round goes to the Pug, Boo, who collects BIS number twelve this year.

Friday, April 17, 2009


One of our readers sent in this report from Terre Haute IN where Denys Janssen had the judge’s book for the Bloomington Kennel Club’s show.

CH Sno Klassic Play The Game

Five of Thursday's finalists were back, Thursday’s winner, the Petiti Basset Griffon Vendeen, CH Rokeeena Carte Blanch, the Smooth Fox Terrier, CH J’Cobe Vigilangte Justice, the Pug, CH Tupelo ShoBoat Tu China Tu, the Standrad Poodle, CH Dawin Spitfire, and the German Shepherd Dog, CH Woodside Pacino. They were joined by the German Wirehaired Pointer, CH Star K's Mile Hi Valentine, and the Alaskan Malamute, CH Sno Klassic Play The Game.

For some reason, we haven’t seen a lot of BIS from the Nordic breeds lately. No wonder they want their own group. However, today the Malamute, Player, picked up the BIS, the second one by that breed this year. The five year old dog was bred by Cindy Benson & Martin & Patricia A Peel. Player is owned by the Peels & Carol Greenwald and handled by Laura King. Congratulations to them all.


We have one more final to tell you about. This one comes to you from the banks of the Snake River and Lewiston ID where judge Robert Stein was making the call for the Palouse Hill Dog Fanciers’ first show of the weekend.

CH Toasty’s Treasure Island

The line up included the Golden Retriever, CH Toasty’s Treasure Island, the Petiti Basset Griffon Vendeen, CH Afterglow Ebeneezer, the Rottweiler, CH Von Behren’s Ryal, Flush, the American Staffordshire Terrier, CH Trugrip One Singular Sensation, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, CH Sheeba Happily Inspired, the Lhasa Apso, CH Suntory Prada, and the Bouvier Des Flandres, CH Sanrick’s Virtual Reality.

His Best In Show choice was the country’s number one Sporting Dog, the Golden, Treasure. The five year old bitch has been in the top ten all year and seems to like it there. However, there are a whole lot of dogs right behind her waiting for an opening.


One of the reasons my marriage has lasted so many years is that my wife, Brenda, loves dogs more than I do. She doesn’t love the competition like I do, but she does understand and appreciate the dog fancy. So with her gracious leave, I take a moment on my 39th anniversary to give you a couple of show reports.

CH Tonan-Hope’s R U Kiddin’ Me

Up in West Springfield MA, judge Patricia Hess opened the weekend at the Springfield Kennel Club show by reviewing the Brittany, Tonan-Hope’s R U Kiddin’ Me, the Scottish Deerhound, CH Gayleward’s Tiger Woods, the Great Pyenees, CH Dieudonne William Of Orange., the Smooth Fox Terrier, CH Avalon Eclispe, the Pekingesee,CH Lin-Lee’s For the Good Times, the Keeshond,CH Quest Stand By Me, and the Bdeardedcollie, CH Tolkien Raintree Mister Baggins.

Brittanies are the firs dogs listed in a show catalog and the Britanny, Chevy, was the first dog today, taking home his first BIS ever. Congratulations to breeder Andrea Jordan, breeder/owners Anthony & Nancy Morabito, co-owner Douglas Tighe, and handler Jenny Krieger.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


We just received a report from Terre Haute IN where Marjorie Martorella had the Best In Show hat today at that city’s Kennel Club first show of the weekend. The Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, CH Rokeena Carte Blanche, went back to the RV with another BIS, which should keep him in the top five all breed dogs.

CH Rokeena Carte Blanche

Also making it to the final were the Irish Setter, CH Jewelset Second Attraction, the Giant Schnauzer, CH Tanglewood's Bocephus, the Smooth Fox Terrier, CH J'Cobe Kemosabe Vigilante Justice, the Pug, CH Tupelo Shoboat Tu China Tu, the Standard Poodle, CH Dawin Spitfire, and the German Shepherd Dog, CH Woodside's Pacino.

In addition to top ten dogs, the PBGV, CeeJay, and the Pug, Boo, a review of the Group winners and Group finalists reveals several multiple BIS winners. Should be a interesting weekend in Terre Haute.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


OK, there’s no excuse not to go to a dog show this weekend. The weather should be nice, there are no holidays to require you to be at your obnoxious cousin Fred’s house, and there are shows in every region of the US. In fact this will be the busiest show weekend yet this year, with 35 shows in 14 different locales.

We’ll start on the east coast, in New England, where the Springfield, Pioneer Valley, and South Windsor Kennel Clubs will pool resources to host three shows in West Springfield MA starting Friday. Continuing down to the Mid Atlantic we have the Cherry Blossom Cluster in Timonium MD. Long before assuming the fey name, this weekend was a major date for the fancy. Kicking off on Saturday with the venerable Old Dominion Kennel Club of Northern Virginia, the weekend continues on Sunday with the Baltimore Kennel Club, and closes Monday with the Catoctin Kennel Club hosting. With nearly 2,400 dogs entered on Saturday, this will be one of the largest weekends this year.

Also in Region Two, are traditional Saturday/Sunday fare in Aiken SC and Zolfo Springs FL, courtesy of the Columbia KC & the Heartland Dog Club of Florida respectively. In Region Three, the Central Ohio & Licking River Kennel Clubs will field a pair of shows in Columbus OH.

Folks in the heartland will have three different venues to choose from. Head to Terre Haute IN for four shows starting Thursday, with the Bloomington and Terre Haute KC’s joing forces. Or remember Napoleon at the Waterloo KC’s double header in Waterloo IA. The Fond Du Lac County KC will also field a pair in Fond Du Lac WI.

Region Five will be busy as a bee with three sites to visit. Appropriately there are two shows in Beeville TX with the Bee-Tex Kennel Club taking charge. Harrison AR is the location for the North Arkansas Kennel Clubs two shows. If you have the time, and no fear of alligators, head to Boisser City LA where the Shreveport & D’Arbonne Kennel Clubs will stage a quartet of shows starting Friday.

Captains Lewis & Clark

Region Six will also have a foursome of shows in Lewiston ID choreographed by the Lewis & Clark KC and the Palouse Hills Dog Fanciers. Bay area residents can head to Vallejo CA for the Chief Solano KC’s two shows. The lone Region Seven offering will be in City of Industry (It’s all LA) CA with the Angeles Canyon Dog Club taking charge.

Come on, gas is cheap. You might even see a Portuguese Water Dog.


CH Flashbak’s Amazing Grace

In our report on last Saturday’s Steel City Kennel Club show in Crown Point IN, we neglected to give you the Terrier Group winner, the Colored Bull Terrer, CH Flashbak’s Amazing Grace. Gracie is back in the show ring after a little maternity leave. Congratulations to breeder Tony Baerlin and owners Jake & Heather Jones.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We have updated the traditional rankings to real time status. We do use a mathematical model to calculate points for those shows for which we do not have exact counts. However, our model had a margin of error of less than one percent in 2008. So if you want to be 100 percent sure your favorite dog is in the top ten, you can wait a month for those other guys to do their rankings. If 99 percent accuracy is good enough for you, stay with us.

CH Cookieland Seasyde Hollyberry

We say a fond farewell, to the Pointer, CH Cookieland Seasyde Hollyberry, who hung in the top ten for two months after her retirement. There are two major changes to the rankings. We now have three Toy Dogs in the top ten. While the Brussel Griffon, CH Cilleine Masquerade, also now retired, is likely to drop out of the top ten soon, there are two more Toy dogs in the top 15 waiting for a top ten berth.

CH Drakyi Gold Standard

We also now have three working dogs in the top ten. Although the number two dog, the Giant Schnauzer, CH Galilee's Pure Of Spirit, is doing limited showing, she has amassed so many points already that she is likely to remain in the top ten for a while. It is a fact, however, that Doberman and Boxer BIS hopefuls all have to get out of their respective breeds first before they can think about top ten rankings. Look for the Tibetan Mastiff, CH Drakyi Gold Standard, to take advantage of that as he continues to move up in the top twenty five.


We are pleased to announce that we received notification yesterday evening that our daughter, Wellesley (Windy) has been admitted to Georgetown University’s Nursing School.

The Author with his daughter, Windy, in Washington DC

Regular readers will recall that we were in Washington DC last month accompanying Windy, who had an interview for Georgetown’s accelerated nursing program for students already holding Bachelor degrees. Now we have to wait to find out if she will receive an assistantship that will pay 80 percent of the $60,000 tuition. After all, that will pay handling fees for a couple of months ;-)

Georgetown University's Mascot

Did you know that Hoyas is not some ancient term for Bulldogs (the Georgetown mascot), but is Greek for “What Stones!”? Well, they do have a good Nursing program.

Monday, April 13, 2009


In Region Seven, the action was in Vegas, Baby! OK, we’re not that convincing as the hipster. But we do know our dogs. On Saturday judge Luc Boileau had the reins on day one of the Silver State Kennel Club weekend.

CH Marienburg’s Inaqui Sukiyaki

His finalists were the Weimaraner, CH Smokecity Silhouette Dbl Ur Pleasure, the Whippet, CH Fisby’s I Got A Fan Club, the Doberman Pinscher, CH Marienburg’s Inaqui Sukiyaki, the Smooth Fox Terrier, CH J’Cobe Kemosabe Vigilante Justice, the Pekingese, CH Dunkirk I’m Gonna Live Forever, the Dalmatian, CH Nspird Spotsafire It’s A Wrap, and the Bouvier Des Flandres, CH Donlee Man O’War.

Last weekend we had three Standard Poodles winning BIS. This weekend we have three Dobermans. The Dobie, Sushi, took home her second BIS this year.

CH J’Cobe Kemosabe Vigilante Justice

On Sunday judge Ann Hearn had all the same finalists save the Harrier, CH Happytails Keepin the Faith, and the Miniature Poodle, CH Alegria Shamus. Her Best In Show was the Smooth Fox, Dodger, who picked up his fourth BIS.

After this weekend, we are reminded of one of our axioms, “Don’t bet the lunch money on a dog show.”


This one always confuses us. Pennsylvania is partly in Region One and Partly in Region Three. The biggest group of shows this weekend were the four shows in Harrisburg PA, which is in Region One. The cluster began on Thursday with judge Thomas Touzel calling the Best In Show at the Lebanon County Kennel Club event.

CH Efbe’s Merci Pour Le Poivre

Touzel selected from the Golden Retriever, CH Amberglo Spotaneous Combustion RN, the Irish Wolfhound, CH Dun Myrica Speaker Of Eagle, the Doberman Pinscher, CH Allure Blazin Star Of Alisaton, the Sealyham Terrier, CH Efbe’s Merci Pour Le Poivre, the Toy Poodle Smash Jp Moon Walk, the French Bulldog, CH Petite Cheri Femme Of Puissance, and the Bouvier DesFlandres, CH Quiche’s Demetrius.

The Sealyham, Merci, is in the shadow of his brother, Charmin, no longer, as he walked away with his second BIS in two weeks.

CH Smash Jp Moon Walk

Friday, the Chambersburg Area Kennel Club played host and Butch MacDonald had the judging duty. Only the Bouvier & Toy Poodle made it back to the BIS ring. Also on hand were the English Springer Spaniel, CH Wynmoor Brightwater Timeless, the Rhodesian Ridgeback, CH Of Afrikka Spring Valley Dorian Gray JC, the Boxer, CH Winfall Brookwood Styled Dream, and the Smooth Fox Terrier, CH Foxlorr Double Dare.

Another dog with a famous relative, the Toy Poodle, Walker, who hails from the same breeder as the Top Toy Poodle of all time, is doing his best to make the family proud as he collected BIS number nine this year.
CH Allure Blazing Star Of Alisaton

Saturday the judge’s mantle fell to Dr James Edwards fpr the Harrisburg Kennel Club. The Wolfhound, Doberman, and Sealyham were all back, this time with the Labrador, CH Casbar's Hart To Hart, the Pug, CH Ivanwald Diva At Riversong, the Bulldog, CH Ap's Nifi Seba, and the Briard, CH Delu Vu Up Close & Personal.

It was the Dobie, CJ, anxious to step up into the number one Working Dog position, collecting 2009 BIS number eight.

CH Of Afrikka Spring Valley Dorian Gray JC

Closing out the weekend was judge Allen Brown at the Mason Dixon Kennel Club show. Only one new dog made it thorugh to his final, the Schipperke, CH De Lamer’s Point Break. Repear visitors were the Lab, the Ridgeback, the Boxer, the Smooth Fox, the Toy Poodle, and the Bouvier. The Ridgeback’s persistence paid off, as he collected his first BIS this year. Congratulations to breeder/owner Dr Christina Wistrom, co-owner Sonnet McKinnon, and handler Jack Secrest Jr.

And, no, we haven't forgotten Region Seven. We'll be right back with Las Vegas results.


We gave you most of the Northwest Region, Region Six, results already, but we do have Sunday’s results from the Sacramento Kennel Club show. You will recall that Saturday we saw the Giant Schnauzer, CH Galilee's Pure Of Spirit, win her 100th BIS.

CH Sanherpinc Paisa

After that moment, it would be hard to top the drama, but judge Donovan Thompson to give us a thrilling final nonetheless. Actually, the drama started earlier in the day when Judge Mareth Kipp placed the number one dog in the country, the Scottish Terrier, CH Roundtown Mercedes At Maryscot, third in her Terrier Group behind the Welsh Terrier, CH Sanherpinc Paisa, and the Irish Terrier, CH Fleet St Fenway Fan. In no way was is this an observation about judge Kipp’s decision, but it is a commentary on the quality of the 361 Terriers present and competing. The Irish Terrier had beaten the Scottie earlier in the week at the NORCAL Terrier show. The Welsh has been finishing second to the Scottie all year.

CH Penndragon Masaniello

The Welsh, Paisa, moved on to judge Thompson’s final seven along with the Welsh Springer Spaniel, CH Royailes Hasta B A Cut Above, the Basset Hound, CH Blossomhill’sMamma Mia, the Boxer, CH Capri’s Magic Maker Of Sassy, the Affenpinscher, CH Tamarin Tug, the Standard Poodle, CH Penndragon Masaniello, and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, CH Coventry Vanity Fair.

And Paisa, who just turned three, would collect her third BIS and she did it the hard way, beating three of last year’s top ten dogs along the way. Brava Paisa!

Next, we have to go back to Region One


Elsewhere in Region Five there were two day events in Brigton CO and Stephenville TX.

CH Bravo N Sunset Stealing Time

In Texas it was the Stephenville Kennel Club of Texas hosting and judge Nelson Huber making the call on Saturday. Judge Huber had the Field Spaniel, CH Bitterblue's Here Comes Da Judge, the Petit Bassett Griffon Vendeen, CH Jodell's Boogie Back To Texas Of MNM, the Boxer, CH Bravo N Sunset Stealing Time, the Manchester Terrier, Wilane's Notorious Rebel, the Japanese Chin, CH Victory Viceroy Of Kirin, the Chinese Shar-Pei, CH Elite's By Design, and the Australian Shepherd, CH Reverie Bayshore Judy In Disquise.

Saturday’s top prize went to the four year old Boxer. It was Sherman‘s first BIS this year. Congratulations to breeder Karen Deschambault, owners Dave & Jan Yenne & Cheryl & Keith Robbins, and handler Michael Shepherd.

CH Glengowan's Great Balls Of Fire

Sunday Sherman & the PBGV came back to visit BIS judge Patti Long Smith along with the Golden Retriever, CH Glengowan's Great Balls Of Fire, the Airedale Terrier, CH Sherwood's Lady Of The Lake, the Papillon, CH Starsigns Trickin St Nick, the Standard Poodle, CH Donnchada Sweet Dreams, and the Shetland Sheepdog, CH Worthington's Silver Star.

Once again it was Sherman stealing the show. Boxers are another competitive breed, year in and year out. This year is not different.

CH Bugaboo’s Georgie Girl

We switch you attention to the Brighton CO where the Terry All Kennel Club held a pair of shows this weekend. Saturday judge Linda Robey gathered the English Setter, CH Country Squire Heaven Can Wait, the Otter Hound, CH Clearwater’s Howlaway What’s On Tap, the Siberian Husky, CH Myska’s Fired-Up O’Winterhaven, the Smooth Fox Terrier, CH High Mtn. Garden Party, the Pekingese, CH Dunkirk Eye Candy, the American Eskimo Dog, CH Silveroaks First & Foremost, and the Old English Sheepdog, CH Bugaboo’s Georgie Girl.

The three year old OES collected her second big rosette of the year. Congratulations to breeder/owners B Callahan & Douglas & Michaelanne Johnson and handler Colton Johnson.

CH Silveroaks First & Foremost

Sunday judge Carol Kniebusch Noe had the same Toy, Non-Sporting, & Herding Group representatives and the Weimaraner, CH Harline Win’Weim It’s My 2nd Martini, the Greyound, CH Quicksilver Sierra’s Jaguar, the Samoyed, CH Echo’s Perfectly Clear, and the Skye Terrier, Royalist Sno Knight o Kuhlbreeze.

It was the first BIS of the year for Primo, the American Eskimo Dog, a five year old male who has been the number one AED for the last three years. Congratulations to breeder/owner Ruth Sampson and handler Randy Benns.

Next Regions Six & Seven.


In Region Five, the South Central Region, there were shows everywhere. So we will break up this report for those with short attention spans.

CH Vineyards Bad Boy

In Oklahoma we had three shows in Grove OK. On Friday the Northeast Oaklahoma Kennel Club held its first of two shows this weekend with judge Jane Kay assembling the Irish Setter, CH Vineyards Bad Boy, the smooth Dachshund, CH Bessdach Drisheen Hot Shot, the Siberian Husky, CH Antaras Put On The Red Light, the Norwich Terrier, CH Skyscot’s Poker Chip, the Yorkshire Terrier, CH Starbarks Dreamgirl, the French Bulldog, CH Raindrops Justus Lifes A Game, and the Old English Sheepdog, CH Lambluvs Daydream Believer.

It’s always hard to overlook a red head and the Irish Setter would not be denied his first all breed Best In Show. Congratulations to breedrs/owners D Johnson, J Hubbard, K Salfi, Drs R & B O'Keefe, and handler Laura L King

CH Irisfingel Blue Badge

On Saturday the club asked judge James Fredericksen to chose from the same Irish Setter and OES or the Basenji, CH Ab Rafiki The Icon Of Cool, the Alaskan Malamute, CH Sno Classic Play The Game, the Kerry Blue Terrier, CH Irisfingel Blue Badge, the Yorkshire Terrier, CH Galway Dark Eyes, and the Bulldog, Milams Hug-o-Bull Cap'n Morgan.

The two year old Kerry Blue, Finnegan, picked up his first BIS of the year. Congratulations to breeders Juan Carlos Diaz Portales & Montse Sanchez Valverde, owner George Sullivan, and handler Doug Carlson.

CH Skyscot's Poker Chip

Sunday, it was the Mid Continent Kennel Club’s turn to host and Jon Coles’s turn to judge Best In Show. His finalists were the Basenji, the Norwich , the Golden Retriever, Goldentrip Snow Dreams, the Great Dane, CH Kairov Code of Excellence, the Papillion CH Queen Bess Jp World Idol, the Standard Poodle, CH Dawin Spitfire, and the German Shepherd Dog, Heidelbergs Oklahoma Natashac.

And it was the dog bought with the proceeds of a lucky hand of cards, the Norwich, Poker Chip, taking home another BIS, his second.

We’ll be right back with more Region Five results.


In Region Four, the North Central Region, we had four shows in two locations.

In Indiana the Steel city Kennel Club held two shows in Crown City. On Saturday judge Wendy Paquette looked over the Chesapeake Bay Retriever, CH Sandbar's Stock Exxchange, the Afghan Hound, CH Gengala Nobody Bizness, the Boxer, CH Desert's She's Everything, the Colored Bull Terrer, CH Flashbak’s Amazing Grace, the Havanese, CH Mojito's Desilu De Solana, the Standard Poodle, CH Bar-None Dawin Travelin' Man, and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, CH Riverside Wicked Wonderful CGC.

CH Bar-None Dawin Travelin' Man

Have you noticed how many great Standard Poodles we have out now. The judges have. The black Standard Ricky, picked up his first 2009 BIS last weekend. Now he has another.

On Sunday only the Havanese and Corgi made it back to see BIS judge Lester Mapes. They were joined by the English Cocker Spaniel, CH Primetime's American Pride, the Irish Wolfhound, CH Highgate's Andrew Of The Ridge, the Akita, CH Buckridge's You Only Wish, the Bedlington Terrier, CH Versailles Of Celtic Odyssey, and the Keeshond, CH Wund-R Y's Best Kept Secret.

CH Riverside Wicked Wonderful

It was the Corgi, Deidre, who caught the eye of the judge. The five year old Deidre, bred by Deborah Shindle. Fran Daum & Tonya Jordan. recently captured a Pastoral Group Reserve (Group Two) at the prestigious Crufts dog show in England. Congratulations to owner Deb Shindle.

In Iowa, the action was in Ottumwa courtesy of the Southeastern Iowa Kennel club. Saturday judge Terri Lyddon went over the Black Cocker Spaniel, CH Exl’s Leather N Lace, the Longhaired Dachshund, CH Rose Farm’s Slamdunk’s Aces High, the Samoyed, CH Polar Mist’s X-Tasy, the Smooth Fox Terrier, CH Kemosabe Broxden Split Decision, the Papillion, CH Wingssong Rock Star, the Bulldog, CH Evergreen Sweet Clover Anne, and the Polish Lowland Sheepdog, CH Sasquehanna Malinnik Ponadto.

CH Exl’s Leather N Lace

The black Cocker, picked up her second BIS this year to hold onto the number one position in her breed.

On Sunday the Dachshund, the Samoyed, the Paillion, and the Polish Lowland Sheepdog were all back in judge Denny Mounce’s ring along with the Golden Retriever, CH Shoreline Jetoca High Seas Adventure RN JH, the Kerry Blue Terrier, CH Kerrisel’s Kudda Man, and the Tibetan Terrier, CH Cedar & Brnstorm’s LTD Edition.

The big prize went to the little dog, the dachshund, his first. The three year old was bred by Dee Hutchinson. Is owned by Katherine Toohey & Richard Hansen, and handled by Aaron Wilkerson. Congratulations to them all. Wish we had a photo, hint, hint.

Next, Region Five.


In the Southeast Region, Region 2, we had the Peach Blossom Cluster in Perry GA. On Thursday at the Valdosta Kennel Club show judge Betty Ann Stenmark kicked off one of the biggest weekends of the year. Out of a entry of over 2,000 dogs she had the following seven to consider:

CH Stirling Cool Hand Luke

The Irish Red & White Setter, CH Shireoak Caniscaeli Windsong, the Petit Bassett Griffon Vendeen, CH Rokeena Carte Blanche, the Tibetan Mastiff, CH Drakyi Gold Standard, the Airedale Terrier, CH Stirling Cool Hand Luke, the Pekingese, CH Linn-Lees For The Good Times, the Bichon Frise, CH Bodacious In Enemy Territory, and the Puli, CH Cordmaker Field Of Dreams.

While, this weekend had it’s share of new faces, there is something to be said for experience. The Airedale, Lucas, has been one of the top Terriers for the past three years. Thursday he and handler Ernesto Lara added another BIS to their resumes.

CH Linn-Lees For The Good Times

Friday the judge was Houston Clark and the host club was the Augusta Kennel Club. On hand in the final seven were Lucas, the Peke, the Puli, the Black Cocker Spanie, CH Bracons Leapin Lily Pads, the Rhodesian Ridgeback, the Adilis American Idol, the Bullmastiff, CH Tru Grit Muscle Mayhem, and the Standard Poodle, Huffish Intensive Care.

It was just a three weeks ago that the two year old Peke picked up his first BIS, but it looks like David Fitzpatrick has another winner on his hands as he topped more than 2200 dogs.

Saturday judge Lee Canalizo assembled the PBGV, the Airedale, the Peke, & the Puli along with the Vizla, CH Lagniappes Chosen One, the Doberman Pinscher, CH Phillmar Sobe Monster, and the Chow Chow, CH Dreamlands Light Up The Sky.

CH Phillmar Sobe Monster

It doesn’t get much more competitive in the breed than Dobermans and Esteban Farias’ charge, Sobe, though not yet three, has been battling the best in the breed for a while. He had three BIS in 2008, but this is his first this year. Sobe was bred by Philip Martin, Cheryl Green,& Lana Sniderman Berg and is owned by Philip Martin, Mary Klein, Hector & Alicia Farias. Congratulations to them all.

Next, Region Four.


We had fewer I-reports than usual this weekend, so we have a lot of catch up to do. Those of you staying for BIS judging, take a moment and share the results with you fellow fanciers. Even if you do not have all the catalog information, we can usually piece it together if you know the breed and the handler. Oh, we get it wrong occasionally, but we always have our sharp eyed readers to help correct our errors ;-)

CH Shenandoah Smoke And Mirrors

First in Region One, the Northeast Region, we’ve told you about the three-peat by the Pom, Bon (CH Velocity’s Shake Ur Bon Bon), who had three BIS in a row.. Well Bon’s fellow finalists on Friday were the German Shorthaired Pointer, CH CRK In The Fast Lane, the Afghan Hound, CH Shenandoah Smoke And Mirrors, the Great Dane, CH Black Hills Dark Side Of Mylady, the Irish Terrier, Galeway's Captain Redbeard, the Standard Poodle, CH Hillwood Dassin De-Lovely, and the Bearded Collie, CH Tolkien Raintree Mister Baggins.

CH Reidwood Red Alert

Saturday only the big Poodle made it back to the BIS ring with Bon. Showing up to compete were the English Setter, CH Reidwood Red Alert, the Black & Tan Coonhound, CH Windbourne High Perfomance, the Saint Bernard, CH Mickey III, the Scottish Terrier, FireHeart's Bombshell, amd the Puli CH Fuzzy Farm Twist And Shout.

Sunday, it was Bon, gthe Pom, Navy, the English Setter, the Deerhound, the Poodle, and the Boxer, CH Jacquet's Laredo El Encanto, the Scottish Terrier, CH McScots-karascots Agatha Rules, and the Old English Sheepdog, CH Windfall Slam Dunk.

Next, Region two results.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


We love it when we get surprised by a BIS winner. Today that dog is the Shetland Sheepdog, CH Braeleen Foreign Intrigue.

CH Braeleen Foreign Intrigue

Judge Harriet Campbell chose, the Sheltie, “Brian”, as her Best In Show at today’s iteration of the Ephrata-Moses Lake Kennel Club. Her other finalists were the Irish Setter, Ashton Peaceful Easy Feeling, the Black & Tan Coonhound, CH Silver Ridge Showtyme At Windbourne, the Bernese Mountain Dog, CH Sendache’s Key To Success, the Bedlington Terrier, Tiffanie’s Rico Suave, the Pomeranian, CH Oakrose High N Mighty, and Saturday’s BIS winner, the Standard Poodle, CH Randeen Tristar Affirmation.


Shelties used to be incredibly popular, and for good reason. They are a manageable size, amazingly versatile, and just as pretty as they can be. They are also a triple threat, competitive in conformation, obedience, and agility. We’re sure that anyone who encounters Brian at a show will be in love with Shelties once more.

Congratulations to breeder/owner Kathleen Brown, co-owner Cathy Dupree, and handler Jan Williams.


CH Velocity’s Shake Ur Bob Bon

The Pomeranian, CH Velocity’s Shake Ur Bob Bon, capped his weekend with a hat trick, three BIS in a row. Today’s win came courtesy of judge W. Everett Dean Jr at the day two show of the Rhode Island Kennel Club in Lincoln RI. This win puts the four Toy dogs still competing for a national ranking in a virtual dead heat.

CH Starline’s Chanel

From Perry GA and the North Georgia Hound Association we hear that judge Kent Delaney chose the Whippet, CH Starline’s Chanel as his Best In Show today at the hounds only event. Earlier in the day, Chanel & handler Lori Wilson had picked up their third Whippet Specialty title.