Monday, April 13, 2009


This one always confuses us. Pennsylvania is partly in Region One and Partly in Region Three. The biggest group of shows this weekend were the four shows in Harrisburg PA, which is in Region One. The cluster began on Thursday with judge Thomas Touzel calling the Best In Show at the Lebanon County Kennel Club event.

CH Efbe’s Merci Pour Le Poivre

Touzel selected from the Golden Retriever, CH Amberglo Spotaneous Combustion RN, the Irish Wolfhound, CH Dun Myrica Speaker Of Eagle, the Doberman Pinscher, CH Allure Blazin Star Of Alisaton, the Sealyham Terrier, CH Efbe’s Merci Pour Le Poivre, the Toy Poodle Smash Jp Moon Walk, the French Bulldog, CH Petite Cheri Femme Of Puissance, and the Bouvier DesFlandres, CH Quiche’s Demetrius.

The Sealyham, Merci, is in the shadow of his brother, Charmin, no longer, as he walked away with his second BIS in two weeks.

CH Smash Jp Moon Walk

Friday, the Chambersburg Area Kennel Club played host and Butch MacDonald had the judging duty. Only the Bouvier & Toy Poodle made it back to the BIS ring. Also on hand were the English Springer Spaniel, CH Wynmoor Brightwater Timeless, the Rhodesian Ridgeback, CH Of Afrikka Spring Valley Dorian Gray JC, the Boxer, CH Winfall Brookwood Styled Dream, and the Smooth Fox Terrier, CH Foxlorr Double Dare.

Another dog with a famous relative, the Toy Poodle, Walker, who hails from the same breeder as the Top Toy Poodle of all time, is doing his best to make the family proud as he collected BIS number nine this year.
CH Allure Blazing Star Of Alisaton

Saturday the judge’s mantle fell to Dr James Edwards fpr the Harrisburg Kennel Club. The Wolfhound, Doberman, and Sealyham were all back, this time with the Labrador, CH Casbar's Hart To Hart, the Pug, CH Ivanwald Diva At Riversong, the Bulldog, CH Ap's Nifi Seba, and the Briard, CH Delu Vu Up Close & Personal.

It was the Dobie, CJ, anxious to step up into the number one Working Dog position, collecting 2009 BIS number eight.

CH Of Afrikka Spring Valley Dorian Gray JC

Closing out the weekend was judge Allen Brown at the Mason Dixon Kennel Club show. Only one new dog made it thorugh to his final, the Schipperke, CH De Lamer’s Point Break. Repear visitors were the Lab, the Ridgeback, the Boxer, the Smooth Fox, the Toy Poodle, and the Bouvier. The Ridgeback’s persistence paid off, as he collected his first BIS this year. Congratulations to breeder/owner Dr Christina Wistrom, co-owner Sonnet McKinnon, and handler Jack Secrest Jr.

And, no, we haven't forgotten Region Seven. We'll be right back with Las Vegas results.