Friday, January 1, 2010


We are of the age that each new year is met with a little bit of wistful nostalgia. It is time to say good bye to the top ten dogs we have followed all year. Yes, we know that some of our top ten will continue to be seen in the show ring in 2010. We suspect that a few might even be in the this year’s top ten. Two of the 2009 top ten are holdovers from the previous year. Whatever their plans, we can’t let the new year begin without giving our thanks to the people who brought us these ten dogs.

Number ten, the Affenpinscher, CH Tamarin Tug, is one of our 2008 holdovers. We suspect that for many years to come, “Taser” will be the face everyone remembers when the breed is mentioned. Shown in every part of the US, no little dog has so filled a big ring. While few dogs take a better photo, when you saw him live you could feel the electricity (OK, we couldn’t resist one last bad joke) Taser was bred by Jacqueline L Stacy & W Terry Stacy, is owned by Phil & Patty Smith, and is handled by Jorge Olivera.

Number nine, the German Wirehaired Pointer, CH Ripsnorter's Mt View Lookout,f ought all year in the show ring to get into the top ten and then had to fight the book keepers to stay in the top ten at the end of the year. All was resolved in Scout's favor and he becomes the one of two Sporting Dogs in the top ten. Scout finished the year with 15 all breed BIS, 76 Sporting Group firsts, and a BISS at the German Wirehaired Pointer Club of America’s National Specialty in October. Our congratulations to breeders Helen Witt, Claire Wisch, & Kelly Wish, owners Kiki Courtelis, Joyce Wilkinson, & Helen & Jim Witt, and handler Frank Murphy on an outstanding year.

Number Eight, the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, CH Rokeena Carte Blanche, was rumored to be going home to Australia after Westminster, but happily for us show dog junkies, decided to stay after a very auspicious start on the January Florida circuit. An exceptional mover, with an eternally cheerful expression, “CeeJay” brought a smile to all who saw him. “CeeJay”, bred & owned by Robin Wallis of Gisborne, Australia, is co-owned by Russell Wallis (Robin‘s husband), and Jose, Yvonee, & Christina Herrera, and handled by Jane Alston-Myers.

Number Seven, the Boxer, CH Winfall Brookwood Styled Dream, the number two Working Dog, managed a top ten finish despite showing up at many of the same shows as the Number One Working Dog. When “Scarlet” did make it into the last ring, she won more than a third of the final sevens, finishing the year with 21 BIS. Scarlett was bred by Tina Porter & Lee Stanton, is owned by Debbie McCarroll, Mark Fagan, Mrs J Billhardt, & S Tenenbaum, and handled by Diego Fernando Garcia.

Number Six, the Toy Poodle, CH Smash Jp Moon Walk, is one of two of our DOGS2WATCH to make it into the top ten. From his specials debut in late 2008 “Walker” has dominated the Toy Group, going Group One 77 percent of the time. No Group win was more memorable than his 2009 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship. Walker was bred by Yukiko Omura, is owned by Ron Scott & Debbie Burke, and handled by Kaz Hosaka.

Number Five, the Smooth Fox Terrier, CH J’Cobe Kemosabe Vigilante Justice, is the second of our DOGS2WATCH on this list. “Dodger” first caught our eye last January when he went three for four against the 2009 Crufts winner, the Sealyham Terrier, CH Efbe’s Hidalgo At Goodspice. Like the Boxer, Dodger was always a contender in the final seven, winning nearly 40 percent of the BIS he stood for. Dodger was bred by William Dalling & Stacy Turner, is owned by Sandra & Howard Hoffen and Phil & Amy Booth, and handled by Amy.

Number Four, the Golden Retriever, CH Toasty’s Treasure Island, has been the “gold standard” for her breed, as the top Golden for the last two years. One of the most consistent winners, “Treasure” had been in the top five almost from the first of the year. Breeders Jerome and Pamela Oxenberg co-own Treasure with Jane Bates. Clint Livingston gets the handling credit.

Number Three, the Puli, CH Cordmaker Field Of Dreams, was one of the crowd favorites in the 2009 Westminster Kennel Club final. His free, athletic gait was apparent even through a magnificent coat. Despite eschewing air travel, he managed to show up at more than 150 all breed shows winning 33 BIS and 112 Herding Groups. “Conrad” was bred by the quartet of Patricia Turner, Anna Quigley & Alice & Steve Lawrence, is owned by Susan Huebner & Jackie Beaudoin, and is handled by Linda Pitts.

Number Two, the Doberman Pinscher, CH Allure Blazing Star Alisaton, gave us one riveting performance after another. Possessing an intense expression that would make the most determined burglar return the family silver, “CJ” stared down the competition all year long. We suspect that this is one top ten dog that will repeat again in 2010. CJ was bred by Carmen Pitts & Gwen Demilta, is owned by Carmen, Nancy Bosley & Julie Porter, and is handled by Gwen’s daughter, Carissa DeMilta Shimpeno.

Number One, the Scottish Terrier, CH Roundtown Mercedes Of Maryscot, dominated the competition like few have in recent years. With 55,000 more points than the number two dog, “Sadie” won by the largest margin since 2001, when a certain Kerry Blue Terrier was number one. Winning an astonishing 90 percent of the Terrier Groups she entered, Sadie finished the year with 80 all breed titles including the 2009 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship, the largest all breed show in the US in recent memory. Sadie was bred by Mary O’Neal & Anstamm Kennels (Miriam "Buffy" Stamm and Cindy Cooke), is owned by Amelia Musser, and handled by Gabriel Rangel.

Our awestruck congratulations and eternal gratitude to the breeders, owners, and handlers of these ten dogs. These people have given us a lifetime of memories and reason to say “Happy New Year!”. Look for us at an AKC dog show in 2010!

Thursday, December 31, 2009


This is our last show report of 2009, so we are pretty pleased that the year would end with a BIS win by one of our DOGS2WATCH, the Alaskan Malamute, CH Catanya’s Latin Lover.

CH Catanya’s Latin Lover

Joining Steve Hubbell for the last final seven of the year at yesterday’s Oakland Kennel Club in San Mateo CA were the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, CH Flatbrook Royal Point Attitude JH , the Rhodesian Ridgeback, CH Pupukearidge Ikaika O Sprngvly , the Kerry Blue Terrier, CH Perrisblu Paris, Papillion, CH Arkeno’s Ears To You, the Bichon Frise, CH PaRay Rime Time, and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, CH Baewyn Telltail Smooth Operator.

The Malamute, Ricky, turned on the after burners this month, adding three BIS to his 2009 resume to bring his year end total to eight, good enough to put him in the Top Ten Working Dogs. Now that’s a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


The third day of our San Mateo CA foursome belonged to the Santa Cruz Kennel Club and Betty-Anne Stenmark.

CH Catanya’s Latin Lover
(Photo by Carol Beuchat)

The seven finalists were the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, CH Flatbrook Royal Point Attitude JH, the Harrier, CH Hartshire Walkabout, Sunday’s BIS winner, the Alaskan Malamute, CH Catanya’s Latin Lover, yesterday’s Best, the Smooth Fox Terrier, CH Slyfox Sneaks A Peek, the Silky Terrier, CH Safire Rock It To The Stars, the French Bulldog, CH Highwood's Big Shot, and the Shetland Sheepdog, CH PaRay Cirque Du Soleil.

The Malamute, Ricky, seems intent on finishing the year with a bang, picking up his second Best In Show of the set. The cluster, and the year, ends tomorrow with the Oakland Kennel Club show. Read about it here before ringing in the New Year!


A while back a reader called us on our colloquial use of the word penultimate, frequently used incorrectly to mean a near perfect example. It actually means next to last. Yesterday’s Kennel Club of Salinas show in San Mateo, CA was the next to last show of the year.

CH Slyfox Sneaks A Peek
(Photo Courtesy of American Kennel Club)

Norman Patton’s final seven were the Sussex Spaniel, CH Seamist On A Windward Pack RN, the Petit Bassett Griffon Vendeen, CH Soletrader Donald Duck, the Tibetan Mastiff, CH Seng Khri Bartok Of Dawa, the Smooth Fox Terrier, CH Slyfox Sneaks A Peek, the Pug, CH Winsome's Trouble At Coral Bay, the Bichon Frise, CH PaRay's Rime Time, and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, CH Pinemeade More Memories.

And the penultimate BIS winner of 2009 was our DOG2WATCH, the Smooth Fox, Adam. Adam started his 2009 career late and has collected several memorable wins in the past few months, including a Terrier Group Two behind the BIS winner of the 2009 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship.

update 12/29/09 10:50 AM CST: A reader reminds me that there are two more shows in San Mateo, one today, and one tomorrow. So I guess that makes yesterday's show the penultimate penutlimate. (Grin)

Monday, December 28, 2009


As we tally the last few points of the year we find that our rankings have a few surprises. First we welcome the nation’s number one Non-Sporting Dog to both the traditional top ten and our own top ten lists. The Bulldog, CH Kepley’s Showbiz Razzle Dazzle, knows how to make an entrance, grabbing the tenth spot on our traditional list and the ninth spot on the Dog Show Poop list.

CH Kepley’s Showbiz Razzle Dazzle

However, the really intriguing question is who is the Number Five Dog All Breeds? Our numbers have the Toy Poodle, CH Smash Jp Moon Walk, and the Smooth Fox Terrier, CH J’Cobe Kemosabe Vigilante Justice, only 18 points apart. We are usually supremely confident in our numbers. In this case, we still have not been able to put our hands on the actual number of dogs competing at the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship. You may recall that the Toy Poodle, Walker, was the Toy Group representative in the final seven.

We have not been able to find anyone at Onofrio or at the AKC willing to give up the numbers. If any of you out there have the number of Toy Dogs actually competing, please send them to us. We would very much like the rankings appearing on these pages on January 1, 2010, to be up to our standards of accuracy. And you thought there was no drama this year?

Update 12/28/09 7:22 PM CST Our thanks to Kath Patrick of Bellatak Havanese for providing the numbers. Our readers are the best!

Sunday, December 27, 2009


CH Catanya’s Latin Lover
(Photo Courtesy of the American Kennel Club)

You know you are a serious exhibitor if you are at a dog show two days after Christmas. Today’s show, the first of four this week in San Mateo CA, was hosted by the San Mateo Kennel Club and featured Arley D Hussin in the final ring. Two weeks ago, the Alaskan Malamute, CH Catanya’s Latin Lover, was picking up a Group Three at the prestigious AKC/Eukanuba National Championship. Today he was picking up his sixth career all breed BIS. Bravo to breeder/owner P J Kendrick, co-owners Armando Martinez & Alisa Syar, and handler Mike Stone.

Ricky’s fellow finalists were the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, CH Flatbrook Royal Point Attitude JH, the Petit Bassett Griffon Vendeen, CH Soletrader Donald Duck, the Smooth Fox Terrier, CH Slyfox Sneaks A Peek, the Silky Terrier, CH Safire Rock It To The Stars, the French Bulldog, CH Highwood's Big Shot, and the Shetland Sheepdog, CH Paray Cirque Du Soleil.