Saturday, May 23, 2009


We’ve just heard that judge Susan St. John Brown has named the Boxer, CH Duba Dae's Who’s Your Daddy, her BIS at the Antelope Valley Kennel Club in Pomona Today. The three year old “Bosco” had four BIS last year, but this is his first this year. Congratulations to breeder/ owner Lynn Jannson., co-owners Wendy Bettis & Charles Vose. Bosco is handled by Wendy and Jim Bettis.


Well, we now have Saturday’s results from New Castle PA where we have some of dogdom’s heavyweights competing (No, we are not saying some handlers could lose some weight).

CH Shoal Creek’s Sangria V Barick

Today the New Castle Kennel Club was hosting and Pat Trotter was judging. Her final seven were the Labrador Retriever, CH Salty Dog Of Tampa, Bay, the Scottish Deerhound, CH Foxcliffe Hickory Wind, the Rottweiler, CH Blackrocks Casanova, the Kerry Blue Terrier, CH TNT Promise Of Cnocaphuca, the Pekingese, CH Lin-Lee’sFor the Good Times, the Standard Poodle, CH Hillwood Dassin De-Lovely, and the German Shepherd Dog, CH Shoal Creek’s Sangria V Barick.

Pat loves a good moving dog and she had several to chose from. Her BIS was the young GSD bitch, Rhea. The number one GSD, the number two Herding Dog, and a top twenty all breed dog, this win should help move her up a couple of notches.


CH Cordmaker Field Of Dreams

We think it’s fitting that the country’s number one Herding Dog would win a BIS show hosted by the Corn Belt Kennel Club. It was the Puli, CH Cordmaker Field Of Dreams, taking the top prize today in Bloomington IL. Conrad is also currently the nation’s number five all breed dog.


CH Avalons Frontier Sleepnlady Webber

Was someone asking what was happening in California? Well, we just heard that the Bouvier Des Flandres, CH Avalons Frontier Sleepnlady Webber, won another BIS. Judge Margaret Reed named Webber her Best at yesterday’s Los Encinos Kennel Club. That’s Webber’s third all breed BIS this year.


One of our I-Reporters has phoned in this report from Hampton VA and the day two show of the Langley Kennel Club.

CH Winfall Brookwood Styled Dream
& Handler Diego Garcia

Today’s judge was Jon Cole and his finalists were the German Shorthaired Pointer, CH Fieldfines Back In Action, the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, CH Celestial CJ‘s Hearts On Fire, the Boxer, CH Winfall Brookwood Styled Dream, the Lakeland Terrier, Delsar Tooray Singin for Blues, the Silky Terrier, CH Mtnview Prince Chbaka Ekruro, the Chow Chow, CH Kelin‘s There Can Only Be One, and the Old English Sheepdog, CH Lightnings Tequila Sunrise.

And for the second day in a row it was Diego Garcia and the Boxer, Scarlett, going BIS. We did say she was ready to rumble.


CH Roundtown Mercedes Of Maryscot

We’ve heard that the country’s number one dog, the Scottish Terrier, CH Roundtown Mercedes Of Maryscot, is in Kalamizoo MI and has won another BIS. This one came on Friday under judge Edna Gonzalez at the Holland Michigan Kennel Club. Did we say it’s a four show weekend?


We have partial results from Casper WY where Friday the Central Wyoming Kennel Club held their first of two shows.

CH Afterglow Ebeneezer

Best In Show went to the Petit Basset Griffons Vendeen, CH Afterglow Ebennezer. Also in the final were the Brittany, CH RJ'S Sierra Edition SH, the Lhasa Apso, CH Rushmar’s Charmer, and the Rough Collie, CH Gentry’s Braveheart.

We got more results coming in. So check back with us in a few.


We must have lost our senses to promise our readers regional rankings. The maintenance of same has become an incredible task.

Nonetheless, we do admit that we take a great deal of pleasure in getting to know some of the dogs that like to stay close to home. It’s a bit like being able to attend shows in every part of the US. Therefore we are proud to announce that we have updated our regional rankings. We encourage readers to browse through you region (or all the regions) and let us know if we have the right photo with the dog and the right call name with the dog.

You will notice that several of the more heavily campaigned dogs appear in more than one region top ten. Because the reason we established the regional rankings was to recognize more of the spectacular dogs being campaigned in the US, we have decided that we will only recognize a dog in one region, the region in which he/she has amassed the most points. However, in tabulating our national top ten, we will count points from all regions. We will institute this change in our next update.

So review our rankings and enjoy some bragging rights courtesy of Dog Show Poop.


She took a group one in New Castle on Thursday and then hit the road to drive the 400 miles to Freehold NJ to take the BIS on Friday at the Staten Island Kennel Club show under judge Ann Savory Bolus. She’s the nation’s number one Doberman Pinscher, the number one Working Dog, and the two All Breed Dog, CH Allure Blazing Star Alisaton. In case you forgot, CJ was bred by Carmen Pitts & Gwen Demilta, is owned by Carmen, Nancy Bosley & Julie Porter, and is handled by Gwen’s daughter, Carissa DeMilta Shimpeno. Our congratulations to them all.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Why the Illinois Valley Kennel Club Of Peoria chose to hold their two shows 40 miles away from Peoria in Bloomington IL, we don’t know. We do know that the Smooth Fox Terrier, CH J’Cobe Kemosabe Vigilante Justice, went BIS there today under judge Frank Sabella. We’re not sure if this win will move Dodger and handler Amy Booth into the all breed top ten, but we do know that we have a helluva fight for second place in the Terrier Group.


Judge Kathleen Grosso had the helm on day two in New Castle PA.

CH Hillwood Dassin De-Lovely
with Owner/Handler Dr. Joseph D. Vergnetti

In the final ring at the Trumbull Kennel Club’s show were the Vizla, Artisan Grouse Point Pink Panther, the Scottish Deerhound, Ch Foxcliffe Hickory Wind, the Boxer, CH White Pines Jive Talkin, the AiredaleTerrier, CH Stirling Cool Hand Luke, the Pekingese, CH Lin-Lee’s For The Good Times, the Standard Poodle, CH Hillwood Dassin De-Lovely, and the German Shepherd Dog, CH Shoal Creek’s Sangria V Barick.

The BIS went to the big Poodle, Sissy. Back before Westminster, we predicted that this black beauty would have an outstanding year. One thing we have learned these past forty years. When Dr. Joseph D. Vergnetti, Ellen Charles, Karen LeFrak and Wendell Sammet put a Poodle in the ring, you can take it to the bank. While no one was looking she has moved into the number one Non-sporting Dog berth and now has seven all breed BIS to her credit.


We have an almost real time report for you from the Langley Kennel Club in Hampton VA.

CH Winfall Brookwood Styled Dream

Judge Jean Fournier went over the Labrador Retriever, CH Casbar’s Hart To Hart, the Long Haired Dachshund, CH Leoralee‘s What Love Is SL, the Boxer, CH Winfall Brookwood Styled Dream, the Smooth Fox Terrier, CH Nileefox Diry Idea, the Toy Poodle, CH Smash Jp Moon Walk, the Lhasa Apso, CH My Thai Ta Sen Halleluiah Chorus, and the Old English Sheepdog, CH Lightnings Tequila Sunrise.

Virginia is a southern state, so what’s more fitting than a BIS belle named Scarlett. She is the country’s number one Boxer, number three Working Dog, and number nine All Breed Dog. Not yet two years old, we predict this girl will burn it up during the last half of 2009. While this may be somewhat belated, we think handler Diego Garcia has a DOG2WATCH. Scarlett was bred by Tina Porter & Lee Stanton, and owned by Debbie McCarroll, Mark Fagan, Mrs J Billhardt, & S Tenenbaum.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Our show weekend kicked off today in New Castle PA with the Laurel Highlands Kennel Association. As we predicted, the central location, near the Ohio border, attracted several of our top dogs.

CH Cerise Jesse James

Some made it through to judge Stepen Hubbel’s BIS ring and some did not. Among those making it to the day’s final ring were the English Springer Spaniel, CH Cerise Jesse James, the Plott, Ch Alexanders Mob Boss Capone, the Doberman Pinscher, CH Allure Blazing Star Alisaton, the Welsh Terrier, CH Marydale Limited Edition, the Pekingese, CH Lin-Lee’s For The Good Times, the Standard Poodle, CH Hillwood Dassin De-Lovely, and the Shetland Sheepdog, CH Suntera City Life.

The first BIS of the weekend belongs to the three year old Springer, Jesse. Jesse is already the country’s number one English Springer Spaniel, but while no one was looking he has quietly moved up into the top ten Sporting Dogs, no mean feat in this year of several great gun dogs. Congratulations to breeder/owner Drothy Cherry and handler Howard Huber Jr.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The dog world has lost one of its grand dames. Mary Josephine Deubler VMD PhD died in her sleep Sunday. Dr. Deubler had been in the dog game for over 70 years. We will repeat that, over 70 years.

M. Josephine Deubler DVM

Dr. Deubler began her show career in 1938 with a Dandie Dinmont Terrier. 1938 was also the year she was graduated from the Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, the first woman ever to do so. Josephine would accomplish many other firsts in her long life of service to the dog fancy. She was the first female PhD at UPSVM, the first female member of the PA Veterinary Medicine Association, and the first vet to judge BIS at Westminster (1998). She was a member of the faculty at UPSVM for almost 50 years, retiring from there in 1987. In recognition of her many contributions to veterinary medicine, the University named the Josephine Deubler Genetic Disease Testing Laboratory in her honor.

Josephine's 1938 UPSVM Yearbook Photo

Dr. Deubler became an AKC licensed judge in 1962 and was the show chairman of the venerable Terrier institution, the Montgomery County Kennel, since 1977. She also served as the show chairman of the Bucks County (PA) Kennel Club since 1969. She retired her judges book after doing the Hound Group at the Kennel Club of Philadelphia in 2000. In 2003 the AKC recognized Josephine with their Lifetime Achievement Award.

Josephine & Walter Goodman,
President, Montgomery County Kennel Club

Josephine experienced profound hearing loss as a toddler, a circumstance she believed gave her a special bond with animals. In an interview with the New York Times in 1998, she said, ''Animals were always my friends. I got along with animals better than people. The animals could communicate with body language, tail wagging. I could hear the little noises they made; I could hear noises quite well. It was just when people spoke I couldn't hear what they were saying.'' Though she wore hearing aids in later years, she achieved most of her academic successes in the days before that technology was available. Josephine also believed her veterinary training influenced her judging, saying she judged by “The Basics”. ''Bones, teeth, anatomy, anything that's under the hair, that's a basic.''

It was her wish that gifts in her memory be made to the Josephine Deubler Scholarship Fund at Penn's Vet School, 3800 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19104.


We are coming up on the Memorial Day weekend and most of the fourteen locations are offering us four day weekends. One is even suggesting a five day total doggy indulgence. Our first stop on the Week To Come is New Castle PA. Beginning tomorrow, Laurel Highlands Kennel Association , Trumbull County Kennel Club, and New Castle Kennel Club will partner to present you the five show Memorial Weekend Classic. We don’t know about the claim to classic status, but this centrally located show is likely to give us an interesting mix of competitors.

Langley AFB

We have six different sites that are planning four day clusters. New Yorkers can cross the Hudson for the short drive to Freehold NJ for a true Metro New York party hosted by the Staten Island, Monmouth County, Plainfield, and Union County Kennel Clubs. Mid Atlantic residents can head to Langley VA for a quartet of shows by the Langley Kennel Club & Gloucester Kennel Club Of Virginia. Four clubs, the Holland Michigan, Grand Rapids Kennel, Kalamazoo, & Greater Muskegon Kennel Clubs, will pool their assets to bring Michigan residents four shows in Kalamazoo.

Casper WY

Windy City residents will head south to Bloomington IL for their foursome courtesy of the wholesomely named Illinois Valley Kennel Club Of Peoria and Corn Belt Kennel Club. Out In Pomona CA, it’s the Los Encinos, Antelope Valley, San Fernando, & San Gabriel Valley Kennel Clubs will do the honors. For those who want a shot at four shows in one weekend, but get bored parking the RV at the same location that long, two areas break it up for you. In Wyoming, the Central Wyoming KC will have shows on Friday and Saturday in Casper WY after which the Laramie KC will have shows Sunday & Monday in Laramie, a little over 200 miles south.

Coeur D"Alene ID

Similarly, three days of shows are available within easy driving range in the Northwest. Start your weekend in Spokane with the Sponkane KC’s two shows and finish it up on Monday in Coeur D’Alene ID with the Coeuer D’Alene Dog Fanciers. You can take one from column A and two from column B, by choosing three of the four offerings from the Oak Ridge (TN) KC’s Saturday and Sunday shows or the Cincinnati (OH) KC’s Sunday & Monday shows.

Offering three shows without having to pack up and relocate are the Hangtown Kennel Club Of Placerville CA & the Kennel Club Of The California Sierra, in Placerville CA. It’s a long way, but after you get there you can stay for three days in Fairbanks AK, as guests of the Tanana Valley Kennel Club. If you are committed to grilling and chilling in your cousin Louie’s backyard on Monday, you can still get a twofer in St Peter MN with the Key City KC or in Shawnee OK with the Seminole KC.

However you spend this weekend do take a moment to remember the hundreds of thousands of brave men and women who have served and died for your rights, yes, your rights to keep and nurture your pets and so many other rights that we take for granted. Our service members make incredible sacrifices on our behalf and we are eternally grateful to them.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


We’ve been neglecting our ranking systems lately. Family obligations and show reports have taken precedence, as they should, but we love the rankings and we know you do to.

CH Randenn Tristar Affirmation

First we have up to the moment traditional rankings for you. There hasn’t been a whole lot of movement in the top ten. We did have the Standard Poodle, CH Randenn Tristar Affirmation, replace the now retired Brussels Griffon, CH Cilleine Masquerade, at number ten. However, the real movement has occurred out of sight in the lower half of the top twenty.

CH Hi-Kel Terrydale Soldier Of Fortune

The Lakeland Terrier, CH Hi-Kel Terrydale Soldier Of Fortune, has marched up the rankings on the strength of seven BIS in the last 30 days and now sits in the number twelve spot. Likewise, the German Wirehaired Pointer, CH Ripsnorter's Mt View Lookout, has won four BIS during the same period and has moved into 14th place.

CH Ripsnorter's Mt View Lookout

Less timely are our own rankings, a time consuming process that requires our logging every BIS win and every group placement. We have recalculated the top ten through 1 May 09 and there are some surprises. Chief among these is our number two dog, the Pug, CH Tupelo ShoBoat Tu China Tu. “Boo” has logged more BIS and Group Ones than any other dog in the US save one. Our ranking criteria, which emphasizes BIS wins and group placements, also keeps the Pointer, CH Cookieland Seasyde Hollyberry, in our top ten though she has not been in a show ring for three months.

CH Tupelo ShoBoat Tu China Tu

We have not abandoned our regional rankings, although they are woefully out of date. We are about two thirds through the process of updating them and hope to have them updated soon. We have not forgotten the little guy. As always, we must provide this disclaimer, the rankings appearing on our pages are our numbers. Although our track record is excellent, we remind you that these rankings are provided for your entertainment. So don’t go hating or getting all defensive over them. We just want you to go to more dog shows. :-)


Well, the locusts have left Utah and we now have show results from this weekend’s Mount Ogden Kennel Club shows in Logan.

CH Royailes Hasta B A Cut Above

Saturday judge Christina Hubbell was presented with the Welsh Springer Spaniel, CH Royailes Hasta B A Cut Above, the Petit Basset Griffons Vendeen, CH Afterglow Ebeneezer, the American Staffordshire Terrier, Max-X, the Chinese Crested, CH Déjà Vu B Careful What U Wish For, the French Bulldog, CH Highwood’s Big Shot, and the Australian Shepherd, CH Stone Ride Devils N Angels. Her BIS was the Springer. BIS went to the five year old Springer, Opie, the first for a Springer this year.

Sunday, Opie would be the only return visitor to the BIS ring. Joining him were the Harrier, CH Happytails Keepin The Faith, the Boxer CH R And G N’Sonoran’s Simply Irrestible, the Miniature Schnauzer, CH T-Lan’s Carmel Superman, the Silky Terrier, CH Tawny Mist Mi-Ohn Prince Of Angels, the Schipperke, CH Bonchien Mr. Monopoly, and the Belgian Tervuren, CH Otch Mach Justin Impression Toujours Jeune.

Judge Ronald Menaker agreed with his predecessor and gave the Best In Show to the country’s most awarded Welsh Springer Spaniel. Readers may remember Opie as the Sporting Group Three winner at the 2008 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship. Congratulations to breeders Nora & Gerald Carlton and owner Dayna Maddox.

Monday, May 18, 2009


OK, we have to revisit Region One. We now have results from the Vacationland Dog Club shows in Scarborough ME.

CH Crispin Faithful OAJ

Saturday judge Charles Olvis went over the English Cocker Spaniel, CH Pineridge Jakes Best Chance, the Whippet, CH Sporting Field`s Bahama Sands, the Boxer, the CH Raklyns The Bronx MVP At Third, the Scottish Terrier, CH McScots-Karascots Agatha Rules, the Pug, CH Ivanwold Diva At Riversong, the French Bulldog, CH Shore Lookin Good, and the Rough Collie, CH Crispin Faithful OAJ. BIS went to the Collie, her first this year. Congratulations to breeder/owner Barbara Corriveau, co-breeder Cheryl Matrel, and handler Annette Rawlings.

CH Shadagee Caught Red-Handed

Sunday, judge Sulie Greendale-Paveza, saw the same Whippet, Pug, and Frenchie as well as the Irish Setter, CH Shadagee Caught Red-Handed, the Boxer, CH Raklyn`s The Bronx MVP At Third, the Wire Fox Terrier, CH Beinein`s Painted By Santeric, and the Bearded Collie, CH Tolkien Raintree Mister Baggins. Her BIS was the Irish Setter, Emily. We are pleased to congratulate another first time BIS winner, her breeder/owner Debra S Burke, co- breeders Timothy Burke & Ellen Bieler, co-owner Nancy Lee Conner, and handler Adam Bernardin,

That is all we have right now, but there are still results we are waiting for. So if anyone out there knows what is going on with the Utah and Wisconsin shows, clue us in. Was there a late winter storm in Wisconsin or a plague of locusts in Utah? Whatever, the reason, dog fanciers want to know what happened.


We did have a lot of Region Six, the Pacific Northwest Region, results for you over the weekend. From the Mt Baker Kennel Club in Lynden WA, we gave you complete results for Saturday and the BIS winner from Sunday’s show.

CH Dunkirk I'm Gonna Live Forever

In addition to the BIS winner, the Soft Coated Wheaten, CH Doubloon’s Ultimate Payer, the six remaining finalists were the Pointer, CH Coralwood Valcopy Switch Hitter, the Black & Tan Coonhound, CH Silver Ridge Showtyme At Windbourne, the Rottweiler, CH Cannon River Traveler, the Pekingese, CH Dunkirk I'm Gonna Live Forever, the Shiba Inu, CH Tenkai Go Ryuukyuu Uruma, and the Bouvier Des Flandres, CH Aktiv's Impresario.

CH BrigadoonDaybarBelieveItOrNot

Our only Region Seven, the Southwest Region, was in SOCAL, southern California, where the Mt. Palomar Kennel Club held a duo of shows in Valley Center. Saturday, the judge was Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, CH Flatbrook Royal Point Attitude JH, th Wirehaired Dachshund, CH Benny Bowser W, the Boxer, CH Duba Dae’s Eho’s Your Daddy, the Scottish Terrier, CH Roundtown Mercedes Of Maryscot, Pomeranian, CH Horizon N Janesa, Indian Sundown, the French Bulldog, CH Lebull’s Midnight Confessions, and the Bearded Colie, CH Brigadoon Daybar Believe It Or Not.

And just so you know that no dog wins every show they enter, the Beardie beat the country’s number one dog, the Scottie, Sadie, to take the BIS. Congratulations to breeders/owners Beverly Barton & Dana Frady, co-owners Anna Marie Yura & P Hanigan, and handler James Bettis.

CH Roundtown Mercedes Of Maryscot

However, you can’t expect Sadie not to take home at least one BIS a weekend and she did just that on Sunday courtesy of judge Robert Shreve. Sadie’s fellow finalists were the Irish Setter, CH Greengate Buzz Lightyear, the 15" Beagle, CH Shoreviews The Blues Brother, the Great Dane, CH Danatlbrk M K Danaher At Neet, Saturday’s Pom, the Lhasa Apso, CH Sharles The Hacket, and the Australian Shepherd, CH Alydar’s California Poppy. How many shows does it take to make up a 20,000 point lead?


Region Five is our largest region geographicly and this weekend we had eleven shows in three location.

CH Coventry Vanity Fair

We now move to Cortez CO where the Durango Kennel Club had three shows, Jean Fournier kicked it off Friday with the Pointer, CH Tahari’s To Wild To Be Serious, the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, La Paloma De Los Pocitos, the Akita, CH Sondaiza Seize The Moment, the Wire Fox Terrier, CH Dalriada Mgk High Voltage, the Toy Poodle, CH Sisco’s Cahrm School Drop Out, the American Eskimo Dog, CH Silveroaks First & Foremost, and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, CH Coventry Vanity Fair. Her BIS was the Corgi, Carly, a top ten dog last year who is trying to hold on to a top twenty berth this year.

Saturday, the Pointer & the Wire Fox were back to see judge Jon Cole along with the Rhodesian Ridgeback, CH Vyrtuous Zaka Of Zibabwe, the Boxer, CH Capri’s Magic Maker Of Sassy, the Miniature Pinscher, CH Reh-Pin’s Ultimate Warrior V Brackley, the Miniature Poodle, CH Alegria Sahmus, and the Old English Sheepdog, CH Bugaboo’s Georgie Girl. His BIS was the old Pointer. Congratulations to breeders John Mohr & Frank DePaulo. Frank co-owns the three year old dog with Linda Cayton DeeAnn Ying.

CH Silveroaks First & Foremost

Sunday, The Pointer, Friday’s Toy Poodle, Friday’s American Eskimo Dog, and Saturday’s MinPin made it through to see judge Ruth Zimmerman, accompanied by the Blood Hound, CH Heather’s A Little Night Musi, the Samoyed, CH T-Snow Star’s Journe Of The Heart, the Kerry Blue Terrier, CH Kallehan’s Hot N Spice Of Jorkaite, and the Bouvier Des Flandres, CH Donlee Man O’War. The American Eskimo Dog, Primo, took home his second BIS this year. Primo is the only of his breed to win an all breed BIS this year.

We still have results from regions six and seven yet.


We live in Region Five, the South Central Region, and we have given you some results from the quartet of shows in Jackson TN. Here are the rest.

CH Of Afrikka Springvalley Dorian Gray JC

Saturday, judge Bruce Schwartz assembled the English Springer Spaniel, CH Tiffany Esspecial Imagery, the Rhodesian Ridgeback, CH Of Afrikka Springvalley Dorian Gray JC, the Doberman Pinscher, CH Phillmar Sobe Monster, the Bedlington Terrier, CH Sudor Epoch Journey With Devonshire, CH Shih Tzu, CH Xeralane's Face The Music, the Tibetan Terrier, CH Panchen's Great Ball Of Fire, and the Briard, CH Sendero's Absolutely Irresistible. His BIS was Dorian Gray, the country‘s top winning Ridgeback. That’s number two for him this year.

CH Norkus’ Risky Business

Now we told already that the Lakeland, Ranger, took Sunday’s BIS, but we have not told you that the remaining finalists were the same Springer, Ridgeback, & Dobie with the Pug, CH Norkus’ Risky Business, the Standard Poodle, CH Bar-None Dawin Travelin’ Man, and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, CH Riverside Wicked Wonderful.

There was another foursome going on in our Region. The fanciers who headed to Biloxi MS got to spend their days with a bunch of splendid dogs and their evenings enjoying the fun and food in that area. We gave you Thursday’s results earlier. Here are the rest.

CH Shoal Creek’s Sangria V Barick

Friday, Lee Brown had the Golden Retriever, CH Toasty’s Treasure Island, the Basset Hound, CH Foxglen Deal Or No Deal, the Doberman Pinscher, CH Sun Style's Sensation, the multi-talented Bedlington Terrier, CH Sangeo's Farscape CD RA MX MXJ NJP OAP OF NFJ JE, the Maltese, CH Rhapsody's Too Many Remarks, the Standard Poodle, Kaylen's Promise Me The Moon, and the German Shepherd Dog, CH Shoal Creek’s Sangria V Barick, His BIS was the GSD, Rhea, the country’s top GSD.

CH Franshaw Hear Me Roar

Saturday, only the Golden and the Bedlington would make it back to the final seven. Judge Henry Gregory’s remaining five were the Afghan Hound, CH Genesis Silverado, the Black Russian Terrier, CH Over The Moon About Borislav RN, the Pekingese, CH Franshaw Hear Me Roar, Thursday’s BIS winner, the Standard Poodle, CH Donnchada Sweet Dreams, and the Rough Collie, CH Sylvan Argent Simply Irresistible. It was the first BIS for a Black Russian Terrier in three years and the first ever for this two year old dog. Congratulations to breeder Helen Leisure and owner Robin Keeling.

Sunday, judge Barbara Anne Langlois would see the same Golden, Afghan, Bedlington, and Peke. She would also have the Doberman Pinscher, CH Alex De Akido San, the Bichon Frise, Risgae's Charmed One, and the GSD, Rhea. Her BIS was the Afghan, another first this year.

We have more. Check back with us soon.


On to Region Four, the North Central Region. We told you that the Sammie, Tasy, and the PBGV, CeeJay, won Saturday and Sunday’s Kokomo Kennel Club shows in Greentown IN.

CH Tupelo ShoBoat Tu China Tu

Saturday, CeeJay and Tasy were accompanied by the German Wirehaired Pointer, CH Star K's Mile High Valentine, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, CH Cornerstone Soliloquy, the Pug, CH Tupelo ShoBoat Tu China Tu, the Keeshond, CH Markright's Bourne Supremecy, and the Briard, CH Deja Vu Mia Chain Of Fools.

CH Tru Grit Muscle Mayhem

Sunday, CeeJay and the Pug, Boo, were back with the Labrador Retriever, CH Ridgeview's Magician, the Bullmastiff, CH Tru Grit Muscle Mayhem, the Norwich Terrier, Fishback's Black-Eyed Susan, the Schipperke, CH Chatelet Denell Sega Genesis, and the Rough Collie, CH Sassy's Shut Up And Dance.

CH Kylene Eden The Dragonslayer

The Sunflower Kennel Club Of Olathe, Kansas held their two shows in Gardner KS (Sorry, Olathe). Satuday’s BIS lineup consisted of the Viszla, CH Derbys Destination Moon JH, the Afghan Hound, CH Amare Rider In The Rain, the Siberian Husky, CH Blueridge Somas Mel Gibson, the Scottish Terrier, Lanscot Streewise, the Blenheim & Prince Charles English Toy Spaniel, CH Royalist Ready To Reign, the Lowchen, CH Desusas Whos Your Daddy, and the Shetland Sheepdog, CH Kylene Eden The Dragonslayer.

Judge Michael Faulkner’s BIS was the Sheltie, Thomas. The six year old has been the top Sheltie for the last three years and obviously intend to stay in that position in 2009.

CH Vineyards Bad Boy

However, none of Saturday’s finalists would make it to judge Doug Windsor’s final Sunday. Showing up were the Irish Setter, CH Vineyards Bad Boy, the Norwegian Elkhound, CH Vin-Melca's Master Card, the Alaskan Malamute, CH Sno Klassic Play The Game, the Miniature Bull Terrier, CH Eggstream Edwina Over Easy, the Chinese Crested, CH Kamikazi's Star Kissed, the French Bulldog, CH Devine's LA Confidential and the Australian Shepherd, Briarbrooks Copyright.

Best In Show would go to the four year old Chinese Crested, bred by Rachael Southwick & B J Grey and owned by Jo-Ann & Roy Kusumoto & Moe & Tammy Miyagawa. Tammy piloted the hairless girl to her first BIS this year. Next, Region Five results.


We had another show site going on in Region Three, in Flint MI. The automobile business may be going down hilll in Michigan, but the dog fancy is alive and well. One local dog had an especially good weekend. The Smooth Fox Terrier, CH J’Cobe Kemosabe Vigilante Justice, handled by Amy Booth of Fowlerville MI, picked up back to back BISs.

CH J’Cobe Kemosabe Vigilante Justice

Saturday, Dodger’s companions in judge were the Black Cocker Spaniel, CH Exl’s Leather N Lace, the Saluki, CH Z’Bee Che Bellina Dante, the Bernese Mountain Dog, CH Snowcap’s The Golden Ticket, the Affenpinscher, CH Tamarin Tug, the Lhasa Apso, CH Northwind Nothing But Trouble, and the Old English Sheepdog, CH Lambluv’s Daydream believer.

Sunday, Dr John Reeves-Newson saw Dodger and the same Cocker & Affenpinscher along with the Bloodhound CH Huggables Like A Rock, the Siberian Husky, CH Kontoki’s A Bend In the Road, the Standard Poodle, CH By Request Tie The Knot, and the German Shepherd Dog, CH Anne-Isles Heiress V Kenlyn Daleef.

Dodger is currently the number three Terrier in the country and, with these wins, a top twenty all breed dog.


We return with results from the Great Lakes Region, Region Three. First from the Wyoming Valley Kennel Club in Alexander NY (yeah, we too thought Wyoming, NY, that’s weird.)

CH Brigadoon’s One Day At A Time

On day one we had judge Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine making the call and the English Setter, CH Esthete’s The Mountain King, the Norwegian Elkhound, CH Somerri Dunharrow’s Devil Ray, the Siberian Husky, CH Myla’s Point Of Reference, the Smooth Fox Terrier, CH Avalon Eclipse, the Brussels Griffon, CH Chismick’s Ain’t To Proud To Beg, the Keeshond, CH Quest Stand By Me, and the Bearded Collie, CH Brigadoon’s One Day At A Time.

BIS belongs to the Siberian, Webster. This three year old, bred by Glenavon & Paula Marcy and owned by Marie Ann Falconer & Roberta C Davies, is just now coming into his own. Congrats to all. Now someone get us a photo.

CH Kepley’s Showbiz Razzle Dazzle

Sunday Dr Robert Smith had all new faces in his final seven, the Curly Coat Retriever, CH Down Da Trail Hunting Thrills CD, the Whippet, Hound Hill Quite Likely, the Doberman Pinscher, CH Marquis Lone Star Rauschund, the Smooth Fox Terrier, CH Absolutly Grand Garcon, the Smooth Chihuahua, CH South Fork’s Go For Broke, the Bulldog, CH Kepley’s Showbiz Razzle Dazzle, and the Smooth Collie, CH Long Acres Insignia Doubletake.

The only Bulldog to win a BIS this year, took home another, her sixth, a remarkable accomplishment for a bitch oin this breed. Brava to breeders Marjorie D Kepley & Jack Kepley, owners Joan L Fisher, Robert D Speiser & Barbara Wolfe, and handler Phoebe Jordan Booth.

We have more Region Three results in a bit.


We were able to get you quite a few of the results from the three Region Two sites this weekend, but here’s what we missed. First from our ever tardy friends in Virginia.

CH Hillwood Dassin De-Lovely

Sunday, the Mattaponi Kennel Club asked Dr Robert Indeglia to judge BIS. He made his selction from the English Setter Palisades Silhouette, the Petit Basset Griffons Vendeen, CH Celestial CJ’s Hearts Of Fire, the Rottweiler, CH Blackrocks Kasanova, the Airedale Terrier, CH Stirling Cool Hand Luke, the Pug, CH Nonesuch Annie’s Mainsail , the Standard Poodle, CH Hillwood Dassin De-Lovely, and the Pug, CH Cordmake Field Of Dreams.

BIS went to the country’s number one Non-Sporting Dog, the Standard Poodle, Sissy. This girl does not get out as much as some, but when she does, we are sure to notice.

CH Alpenspirits Lion King

In East Tennessee, nearly 500 miles away from us, the Greater Kingsport KC held their second show of the weekend. The judge was Dr Harry Smith and the finalists were the Labrador Retriever, Saturday’s BIS winner, CH Salty Dog Of Tampa Bay, the Otterhound, CH Poplar Hills Mint Julep, the Bernese Mountain Dog, CH Alpenspirits Lion King, the Wire Fox Terrier, CH Cheviots Aston Martin, the Italian Greyhound, CH Integras Purple Passion, the Lhasa Apso, CH My Thai Ta Sen Halleluiah Chorus, and the Rough Collie, CH Westwood Aladdin.

It was the handsome Bernese, Leo, collecting the top prize, his first. Congratulations to breeder/owner Mylene Turbide, co-breeder Natalie Ellis, and co-owner Dawn Hitchcock. We’ll be right back with Region Three results.


It’s time for the Monday morning wrap up. At our age, we get confused easily, so we are going to work our way east to west and do our catch up on previously reported partical results as we go.

CH Karefree Giovanna At Milledals

First from Region One the Northeast Region, we have results from Bethpage NY out on Long Island. We reported out earlier on the the two Ladies' Kennel Association Of America shows, but there was one more show courtesy of the Long Island Kennel Club and judge Joan Goldstein. Her finalists were the Chesapeake Bay Retriever, CH Cabinridge's Mega Margarita, the Wirehaired Dachshund, J's Starbarrack's Baby Bugs Lightning Bug, the Bernese Mountain Dog, CH Bloumoon Tazenite V Blackrock, the Cairn Terrier, CH Stonebridge Christmas Spirit, the Miniature Pinscher, CH Kimro's Soldier Boy, the Dalmatian, CH Karefree Giovanna At Milledals, and the German Shepherd Dog, CH Jantar's China Lake Of Witmer.

BIS went to the very elegant Dal, Gigi. This was not only her first all breed BIS, it was her first Group One at an all breed BIS. Congratulations to breeder/owner Nancy Reiter, co-owner Ann Miller, and handler Jessy Sutton. Jessy had himself quite a weekend, taking two BIS with two different dogs.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


CH Doubloon's Ultimate Player

We’ve heard that there’s been another first BIS. This one went to the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, CH Doubloon's Ultimate Player at today‘s Mt Baker Kennel Club show in Lynden WA. We were impressed with this three year old bitch when she won the breed at this year’s Westminster and are pleased to offer our congratulations to breeder/owner/handler Elana Landa.


OK, we were trying to hold the California results and give the guys in NOVA a chance to get their results in before the West Coast. But, hey, you had a three hour head start.

CH Avalon Frontier Sleepnlady Webber

In Vallejo CA judge Timothy Robbins was making the call for the Coyote Hills Kennel Club‘s second show. He had the Weimaraner, CH Smokecity Sillhouette Dbl Ur Pleasure, the Basset Hound, CH Blossomhil’s Mamma Mia, the Neapolitan Mastiff, CH Ambasciatori Gladius Bean, the Smooth Fox Terrier, CH Warfox Double Exposure, the Pug, CH Grapevine’s What About Bob?, the Tibetan Terrier, CH Players Protocol, and the Bouvier Des Flandres, CH Avalon Frontier Sleepnlady Webber.

BIS went to the Bouvier, Webber, his second in as many weeks and this time we have a photo. How did a dog this big and hairy slip under our radar?


The seven finalists at today’s Blennerhassett Kennel Club in Marrieta OH must have been thinking, “What was I thinking? I came all the way here to face this?” We would have to do some research before we could find another show with less than 400 dogs with groups as tough as this one.

CH Smash Jp Moon Walk

Judge June Penta has been there all weekend so she had adjusted to the fact that her final would be full of quality with three top 25 dogs. She had the Geman Wirehaired Pointer, CH Ripsnorter’s Mt View Lookout the Afghan Hound CH Shenandoah Smoke And Mirrors, the Doberman Pinscher, CH Allure Blazing Star Alisaton, the American Staffordshire Terrier, CH Wonderlands Heavily Armed Agitator, the Toy Poodle, CH Smash Jp Moon Walk, the Standard Poodle, CH Dawin Spitfire, and the Smooth Collie CH Deep River In The Limelight.

And one of those top 25 dogs walked away with the BIS, the Toy Poodle, Walker. Who is currently the number seven all breed dog in the US. Now aren’t you sorry, you skipped you local show?


Our Florida friends are usually very quick with their show reports, but what can you say about folks that can pack up six dogs, a mother-in-law, and the family silver in time to get out of town before every hurricane? The Greater Fort Meyers Dog Club handed Marjorie Tuff the judge’s book for their day two show.

CH Mondrian V H Lamslag RE

The seven finalists were the Red and White Irish Setter, CH Shireoak Caniscaeli Windsong, the Pharoah Hound, CH Siphra’s No Remorse JC, the Samoyed, CH Mystiwind’s Hidden Treasure, CH Kemosabe Broxden High Button Shoes, CH The Cavalier, King Charles Spaniel, CH Mondrian V H Lamslag RE, the Chow Chow, CH Kelin’s There Can Be Only One, and the Australian Shepherd, CH Equinox Hocus Pocus.

Her BIS was the Cavalier, Modrian, his second of the year. If you have never visited Modrian and his owner, Janet York, online, you are missing a treat.


We’ve heard from Manassas VA where the Mattaponi Kennel Club is hosting two shows. No, not today’s results. This is NOVA, Northern Virginia, suburban Washington DC. They never send out anything until they’ve checked it and rechecked it. The only deadline they respect is April 15th. Before any of you civil servants start taking umbrage, remember we were once one of you.

CH Cordmaker Field Of Dreams

Saturday, we have Saturday’s results. Judge James Reynolds collected the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, CH Fireside’s Spontaneous Compustion, the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, CH Celestial CJ’s Hearts On Fire, the Great Pyrenees, CH Rivergroves Trump This, the Airedale Terrier, CH Stirling Cool Hand Luke, the Italian Greyhound, CH Honore;s Lily-Belle, the Dalmatian, CH Pedrdita’s Absolute Adorable, and the Puli, CH Cordmaker Field Of Dreams.

While we have a clear national leader at this point, the remaining top five slots are up for grabs and Conrad, the Puli, made sure he kept his hand in with a BIS win today. We love the way these top dogs always answer the challenge.