Saturday, February 19, 2011


GCH CH Casablanca’s Thrilling Seduction
(Photo by Jeffrey Hanlin)

The biggest prize available today was in Denver CO at the day two show of the Plum Creek Kennel Club of Colorado where over 2500 dogs were vying for the  BIS.  Dr Steve Keating’s super seven were the Black Cocker Spaniel, GCH CH Casablanca’s Thrilling Seduction, the Bloodhound, GCH Ch Heathers’ A Little Night Music, the Mastiff, GCH CH Jadem's Oliver Twist, the Welsh Terrier, GCH CH Bayleigh Shaireab’s Super Hero, the Affenpinscher, GCH CH Tamarin’s Top Banana, the Bichon Frise, GCH CH Saks Hamelot Little Drummer Boy, and the Australian Cattle Doc, GCH CH Carben Copy's If The Shoe Fits.

BIS went to the Cocker, Beckham, fresh from his Westminster Kennel Club Group winning performance.  Beckham is currently the Number One Dog All Breeds and now has five BIS this year.  Beckham was piloted to the win by Michael Pitts, who is standing in for regular handler Linda Pitts who is recovering from knee surgery.  Congratulations to Michael and best wishes for a speedy recovery to Linda.


CH Bandheim’s Captain Crunch
(Photo by Patt Kolesar)

Every year in January, as we do our show reports we note all the new names that pop up in the group placements.  While it not unheard of for a dog to win a Group from the classes, it still catches our eye when it happens.  One of the names we kept seeing was that of the German Shepherd Dog,  CH Bandheim’s Captain Crunch.  We first reported that he took a Group from the classes back on January 19th..  Since that time he has taken four more Herding Groups, one in Atlanta, two in Indianapolis, and yesterday in Greenville SC

Today he grabbed over 1500 points and the BIS at the Hendersonville Kennel Club show and he did it over major competition.  Rounding out Robert Hutton’s final were the Irish Water Spaniel, GCH CH Poole’s Ide Got Water RN, the Whippet, GCH CH Starline Chanel, the Newfoundland, GCH CH Voldemort At Chekrd Des Oursons Du Vent, the Norfolk Terrier, GCH CH Cracknor Crosrr The Ts, yesterday’s BIS winner, the Affenpinscher, GCH CH Banana Joe V Tani Kazari, and the Bulldog, GCH CH Bully Hills James Dean.

We do believe it’s the three year old’s first all breed BIS, but we really don’t know much about this dog.    If anyone out there can enlighten us, please do.  Congratulations to breeder/owner Carlos Navarro, and fellow owners James Moses, D Stern, J Lange, & M Deschamps.


GCH CH Alpine’s Highwayman

We have several shows finishing up within the next couple of hours.  The first one in is the day two show of the Lakeland Winter Haven Kennel Club in Lakeland FL.  Dr Wanda Spediacci had her choice of the Golden Retriever, GCH CH Gemini Fallchazse The Butler Did It, the Whippet, GCH CH Sporting Field’s Bahama Sands,  the Boxer, CH Boca Royal Palms Smarty’s Golden Girl, the American Staffordshire Terrier, GCH CH Alpine’s Highwayman, Miniature Pinscher, GCH CH Marlex Classis Red Glare, the Standard Poodle, GCH CH Dacun Kaylen's He's A Heartbreaker, or the Australian Shepherd, GCH CH Equinox Ad Astra.

She chose the AmStaff, Jelly, as her BIS.  DOG2WATCH Jelly.  It’s Jelly’s first this year.  He and breeder/owner/handler Ed Thomason finished 2010 with four BIS and 18 Terrier Groups.  Congratulations to Ed, co-breeders Karen Thomason & Dan Nechemias & Lois Claus, and co-owner Zane Zmith & Karen Thomason.

Friday, February 18, 2011


GCH CH Vaje’s Miss Jayne Hathaway
(Photo by Theresa Buzzard Couch)

We have some partial results from Denver CO and the Plum Creek Kennel Club Of Colorado day one show.  Judge Ann Hearn final seven included two of the Group winners fresh from the Westminster Kennel Club show.  Her super seven were the Black Cocker Spaniel, GCH CH Casablanca’s Thrilling Seduction, the Bloodhound, GCH CH Heather’s A Little Night Music, the Kuvasz, GCH Sumerian’s Wildwood Silver Six Pence, a yet to be identified Miniature Schnauzer, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, GCH CH Mile tree Northern Star, the Chinese Shar-Pei, GCH CH Vaje’s Miss Jayne Hathaway, and a Shetland Sheepdog,  GCH CH Thunderhill’s Apple Bottom Jeans.

Riding the Westminster Wave to a big BIS was the Shar-Pei, Miss Jayne.  It’s the first BIS this year for the Westminster Non-Sporting Group winner.  Jayne and handler Clint Livingston finished 2010 as the Number one Shar-Pei with two all breed Bests and 31 Groups.  Wanna bet she bests that record this year?  Congratulations to Clint and breeder/owners Jeff & Vicki Mauk.


GCH CH Kambara’s Zebulon

Meanwhile down in Lakeland FL, The Lakeland Winter Haven Kennel Club kicked off a four day stop with their day one show.  Arlene Benko gathered the English Cocker Spaniel, GCH CH Ridgebury Full Monty, the Harrier, CH Jackpot Kingsbury Beamer, the Rottweiler, GCH CH Cammcastle’s My Gigolo, the Australian Terrier, GCH CH Kambara’s Zebulon, the Miniature Pinscher, GCH CH Marlex Classic Red Glare, the Bulldog, GCH CH Lyerly's Lex Luther At Showtime, and the Shetland Sheepdog, GCH CH Leeason Rock My Soul before choosing her Best In Show.

She chose the Aussie, Zeb.  Zeb was the breed winner Tuesday at the Westminster Kennel Club show and now has two BIS this year.


GCH CH Banana Joe V Tani Kazari

Who is riding the Westminster Wave this weekend?  Several of the competitors from the Garden showed up in Greenville SC for today’s Spartanburg Kennel Club show.  The seven that BIS judge Guy Jeavons saw were the Irish Water Spaniel, GCH CH Poole’s Ide Got Water RN, the American Foxhound, CH Kiarry’s Foolish Pride, the Siberian Husky, CH Snofyre’s Secret Rendezvous, the Skye Terrier, CH Cragsmoor Buddy Goodman, the Affenpinscher, GCH CH Banana Joe V Tani Kazari, the Bulldog, CH Bully Hill James Dean, and the German Shepherd Dog, Bandheim’s Captain Crunch.

It was the Westminster Toy Group Two, the Affenpinscher, picking up the BIS.  Joey and handler Ernesto Lara now have four BIS this year and now are in the Top Five Dog all Breeds.

(Editors note :  Click here for PWD results)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


GCH CH Dacun Kaylen’s He’s A Heartbreaker

We now have the results of this past weekend’s West Texas Kennel Club’s shows in Midland TX.  We know they are late, but we can’t help it if they decided to go head to head with Westminster.

Saturday Col Joe Purkhiser’s final included the Chesapeake Bay Retriever, CH Quailridge’s Coupe DeVille, the Smooth Dachshund, CH Dynadaux Redneck Fancy Boy MS, the Doberman Pinscher, CH Tevro’s Hollywood Walk Of Fame, the Dandie Dinmont Terrier, CH Schooner’s Spirit Of Sherman, the Brussels Griffon, CH Genesis Playing With A Full Deck, Standard Poodle, GCH CH Dacun Kaylen’s He’s A Heartbreaker, and the Smooth Collie, CH Tango’s Runnin’ Down A Dream.

His BIS was the Poodle, Thomas.  Thomas is an international traveler and competitor who took a Group Two at the 20,000 dog World Show in Denmark last year.  However, this is his first AKC BIS.  See why we tell you these small boutique shows in out of the way places often have outstanding quality?  Congratulations to breeders William Cunningham & Philip Dailey, and owners Virginia Dorris & Kay L Peiser.

CH Dalriada Mystic

Stephen Hubbell took over on Sunday and considered the Weimaraner, GCH CH Win’Weim’s It’s My Grey Goose, the basenji, CH Ryder Of The Voodoo Child, the above named Doberman, the Wire Fox Terrier, CH Dalriada Mystic, the Toy Manchester Terrier, CH Aquarius Next Generation, Saturday’s BIS winner, the Standard Poodle, Thomas, and the Belgian Sheepdog, GCH CH Bonntyme’s Keepsake At Isengard.  

His BIS was the Wire Fox Boo.  It’s the first BIS this year for Boo who had seven BIS and 47 Terrier Groups in 2010.  Congratulations to breeder/owner Cara Campbell DVM, owners Cecilia Ruggles, Beth Dowd, & Michael Doleski, and handler Christian Rangel.


Westminster, There’s Only One
By Trish Biddle

Now that the dogs have been fed and exercised, we can get our first cup of tea and attend to our Westminster hangover.  Just like it’s host city, the Westminster Kennel Club show is the biggest, most glamorous, & exciting show all year.  It’s also a colossal hassle surrounded by unsavory characters.  We hope you enjoyed our special coverage and were not too bothered by the few haters that made it on to these pages during the expanded coverage and relaxed comments.  We won’t bore you with the technical reasons that the special coverage comes with some exposure to the more unpleasant elements in our sport.  We just want you to know we loved doing it and we will be doing it again next year.

In the meantime, our show schedule continues.  This coming weekend brings us 23 all breed shows in nine locations.  Those of you with the leisure time to take a long weekend can head to Greenville SC for three shows with the Spartanburg Kennel Club, the Hendersonville Kennel Club, & the Greenville Kennel Club, or to Lakeland FL where the Lakeland Winter Haven Kennel Club & the Sara Bay Kennel Club will team for four or to Denver CO to take advantage of the Plum Creek Kennel Club Of Colorado and the Colorado Kennel Club four shows.  They even throw in the Peak To Peak Working Dog Association Of Colorado’s limited breed show as an appetizer.  If you really want to pamper yourself try the Orchid Island Dog Fancier Club’s trio of shows in Hilo HI.

Working stiffs can enjoy the standard weekend fare in Hartford CT with the Elm City Kennel Club & the First Company Governor's Foot Guard Athletic Association, in Des Moines IA with the Cyclone Country Kennel Club Of Ames, in Camden AR with the South Arkansas Kennel Club, in San Marcos TX with the Guadalupe Valley Dog Fanciers, or in San Jose CA with the Santa Clara Valley Kennel Club.  Toy enthusiasts in San Jose should take in the Nor-cal Toy Dog Fanciers two limited breed shows on Thursday & Friday.

So head to your local show this weekend and check out all the beautiful dogs that were at Westminster or will be next year!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


2011 Westminster Kennel Club BIS
GCH CH Foxcliffe Hickory Wind

We have been following Westminster Kennel Club shows for a long time.  When other children were taking their allowance to the corner store and buying Marvel Comics, we were buying Dog Worlds.  One of our earliest memories of Westminster was a photo in Dog World of 1960 BIS winner, the Pekingese, CH Chik T'Sun of Caversham, with handler Clara Alford.  The only dog show trophy we still have is the bronze medallion we got for winning our class in 1976 at the 100th anniversary show.   We tell you all that to establish that we are very much emotionally invested in the Westminster Kennel Club show, so you might better appreciate it when we say, this was one of the most satisfying Westminsters in our memory.

We were delighted that there was such an international presence at this year’s show.  Not only were several of the judges from outside the US, several of the breed winners were imports.  In the end, Best In Show judge, Italian Paolo Dondina had one of the most challenging lineups in memory.  They were:

The Black Cocker Spaniel
GCH CH Casablanca’s Thrilling Seduction

The Scottish Deerhound
GCH CH Foxcliffe Hickory Wind

The Portuguese Water Dog
GCH CH Aviator’s Luck Be A Lady

The Smooth Fox Terrier
GCH CH Slyfox Sneaks A Peek

The Pekingese
GCH CH PalaceGarden Malachy

The Chinese Shar-Pei
GCH CH Vaje’s Miss Jayne Hathaway

The Bearded Collie
GCH CH Tolkien Raintree Mister Baggins

Four of the seven finalists were among the Top Ten Dogs All Breeds in 2010.  Two of the seven finalists were the top winning dog in their breeds’ histories.  All were at the top of their game.  During the last two days, fanciers were treated to a parade of perfectly groomed, perfectly handled dogs.  Tonight our BIS winner, the Deerhound, Hickory, emerged looking, as judge Dondina put it, “…looking like the 150 year old standard.” 

It was to be Hickory’s last show, win or lose.  In the BIS ring, she exhibited the alert awareness of the most royal of sight hounds, moving freely around the ring.  It was impossible to know if she never put a foot wrong because of the expert handling of Angela Lloyd or if it was simply Hickory’s way doing things.

Hickory is a Westminster veteran, taking home a Hound Group Three in 2010.  She would go on to win 10 BIS and 57 Hound Group top prizes in 2010 in an abbreviated season.  Hickory was bred and is owned by Cecilia L Dove & Dr R Scott Dove, is co-owned by Sally Sweatt.  Our congratulations to Team Hickory and our thanks to them all for sharing this magnificent girl with us this past year.


CH Hi-Kel Terrydale Fortune Seeker

Look for the Lakeland Terrier, CH Hi-Kel Terrydale Fortune Seeker, tonight.  This cute redhead was bred and is owned by Terrydale Kennels, Dixie Hull, & Kathy McIndoe.

GCH CH Surefyre's Benny And The Jets RN JE

The Border Terrier, GCH CH Surefyre's Benny And The Jets RN JE, will be seeking a Group win tonight.  Benny was bred by Constance Bartlett & William Bartlett and is owned by the Bartletts & James Brennan.

GCH CH Cracknor Cross The Ts

The Norfolk Terrier always gets a second look.  Tonight GCH CH Cracknor Cross The Ts is sure to catch the judge’s eye.  She is bred by M H E Matell and owned by Pamela Beale, Elisabeth Matell, & Beth Sweigart.

Congratulations to all of today’s winners.  We apologize if we did not have time to get to all the breed winners today.  We are going to take a short break to get the chat room ready for tonight’s Dog Show Poop Garden Party.  The fun starts at 6:45 PM CST.  Don’t miss it!


GCH CH Shalimars Golden Ticket 

We have seen some beautiful Standard Schnauzers this year.  The one you will see tonight is GCH CH Shalimars Golden Ticket, bred and owned by Nonie Lomando and co-woned by Julie Trombley.

GCH CH Petr Pervy Iz Russkoi Dinastii

Every show we have been to in the last year has a large entry of Black Russian Terriers.  The one tonight is GCH CH Petr Pervy Iz Russkoi Dinastii, bred by M A Simonova and owned by Laura Jordan.

GCH CH Leonitis Big Show Sargent

Everyone will be looking for the new Cane Corso tonight.  He is GCH CH Leonitis Big Show Sargent, bred by Erik Wafford and owned by Chad & Masheli Sargent.

Congratulations to them all.


CH Kaltrav Caribbean Cruise JH
(Photo by Patt Kolesar)

The most popular dog in America is the Labrador Retriever.  Tonight’s representative will be CH Kaltrav Caribbean Cruise.  Calypso, one of our first BIS winners this year, was bred by Kathy Turbett, is owned by Cynthia Tripp, Mary Henricks, & Pat Kroll, and is handled by Erin Hall.

Almost as popular as the Lab is the Golden Retriever.  The one you will see tonight is CH Sweetlea's Follow Me, bred and owned by Susan Lee & Robert Lee.

GCH CH Poole's Ide Got Water RN

Much rarer, but oh so handsome, is the Irish Water Spaniel, GCH CH Poole's Ide Got Water RN.  Keegan was bred by Greg Siner & Debbie Patterson and is owned by Stacy Duncan, Colleen McDaniel, C Shelby, & Greg Siner. 


GCH CH Slyfox Sneaks A Peek

One of the most anticipated breed judging today was the Smooth Fox Terrier.  For those many people who have asked, 2010 Show Dog of the Year and the Number One Dog All Breeds, GCH CH J’Cobe Kemosabe Vigilante Justice, although entered, was absent.  Our WWW pick, GCH CH Slyfox Sneaks A Peek, will be the breed Representative tonight.  Adam was bred by Joan Taggart & Mark Taggart, is owned by James W Smith, and handled by Edward A Boyes.

We’ve been told to watch tonight for the Wire Fox Terrier, CH Steele Your Heart, bred and owned by Torie Steele & Maryann Roma.

We are also anxious to see the Welsh Terrier, CH Brightluck's Prancing Pirate JE, bred by Janet McBrien and by Ronald & Debra Hunt.


GCH CH Nakodo's Reign Of Glory

WWW pick the Akita, GCH CH Nakodo's Reign Of Glory, will be challenging for the Group win tonight.  Echo was bred by and is owned by Keith Venezia and handled by Paul Levesque.

GCH CH Catanya’s Latin Lover
(Photo by Carol Beuchat)

The Alaskan Malamute, GCH CH Catanya’s Latin Lover, will be the one you see tonight.  Ricky was bred by PJ Kendrick, owned by PJ, Armando Martinez, & Alisa Syar, and handled by Mike Stone.

GCH CH Kontoki's A Bend In The Road

Look for the beautiful Siberian Husky, GCH CH Kontoki's A Bend In The Road, tonight.  Benson was bred is owned by Thomas Oelschlager & Marlene DePalma and is co-owned by N Wisniewski & J W Guin.

Congratulations to all!


GCH CH Firethorn And Sandpiper Easy On The Eyes

Look for the magnificent Gordon Setter, GCH CH Firethorn And Sandpiper Easy On The Eyes in tonight’s Sporting Group.  Carson, 2010 Number Five Sporting Dog, was bred by Mary McLoughlin, Janice Beattie,  Christina Kirby, & Caren McWeeney, is owned by Pat & Don Coller, Mary McLoughlin, & Christina Kirby, and handled by Eileen Hackett.

CH Jewelset's Up Up N Away 
(Photo by Jeffrey Hanlin)

Tonight’s Irish Setter will be the eight year old bitch, CH Jewelset's Up Up N Away, winner of last Thursday’s Westmisnter warmup, the Big Apple Sporting Society show.  Windy took the breed today over lst year’s Number One Sporting Dog and our WWW pick, GCH CH Shadagee caught Red Handed.  Breed winner Windy was bred and owned by Sharon Reilly, Kim Velletri, & Julie Waters, with co-owner Jeff Arch.

The English Setter is GCH Wyndswept's Encore, bred by Sandra Healy, Debi Mack DVM, & Elliott Weiss, and owned by Robert & Sandra Mockoviak.

Congratulations to all involved with this wonderful trio of winners!


CH Rainsong N Burmack's Groovy Kind Of Love

The Standard Manchester Terrier is one of the oldest of all breeds.  Tonight’s representative is CH Rainsong N Burmack's Groovy Kind Of Love.  Congratulations to breeders/owners James G Burrows Jr, Patrick Mackesey, & D Green, co-breeder T Myers, and co-owner A Gerhold

GCH CH Sherwood’s King Arthur

The Airedale Terrier is often called the King of Terriers.  Tonight’s representative is GCH CH Sherwood’s King Arthur, bred by Lisa & Scott Bryan, Pamela Macomber, & Kenneth Cook and owned by the Bryans.

Tonight’s Kerry Blue Terrier is GCH CH Bluebeard's Suddenly Bridey, bred and owned by Lawrence J Brown & Carol E Brown.

Congratulations to them all!



When we were a teenager we took our family’s pet Saint Bernard to out very first dog show.  We wished she had looked more like today’s breed winner, GCH CH Micky III.  Micky was bred and is owned by Kelly Welch and co-owned by Catherine Figueroa.

Tonight’s Newfoundland is GCH CH Pawsinn Threeponds Lancelot, bred by Kelly & Virginia Davis & Wendy Hayman and owned by Mary Alice Maloney, Virginia Davis & Wendy Hayman.

GCH CH Starhavens All I Want For Christmas

Be sure to see Westminster’s first Leonberger, GCH CH Starhavens All I Want For Christmas, bred by Agi M Hejja and owned by Harry Austin & Nancy Austin.


GCH CH Wil-Orion's Twenty Twenty

Look for the English Springer Spaniel, GCH CH Wil-Orion's Twenty Twenty, in tonight’s Group.  Titus was bred by Janice L & Erica R Johnson who co-own him with Laurie Green & Erline Jesseman. Jody Paquette handles Titus.

The Welsh Springer Spaniel tonight will be GCH CH Harmony's Welsh Fanfare, bred and owned by Beth Wegner & Kent Wegner.

The 2009 BIS winner was a Sussex Spaniel.  Tonight the breed will be represented by GCH Seamist On A Windward Tack RN, bred by David McGloon & Ann McGloon and owned by Penny Peterson, Terry Peterson, Ann McGloon & Sally McCully.

Congratulations to all the winners!


CH Efbe's Hidalgo At Goodspice

Here’s the most surprising result we have reported yet from this year’s Westminster.  2007 BIS at the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship and one of the most recognizable show dogs of recent years, the Sealyham Terrier, CH Efbe's Hidalgo At Goodspice, has come out of retirement to take the breed today. Charmin, bred by Frances Bergeron, owned by Margery & Richard Good & Sandra Middlebrooks, and handled by Margery Good, suddenly makes the entire evening more interesting.

GCH CH Lomondview Clementina

Our WWW pick, the Scottish Terrier, GCH CH Lomondview Clementina, will line up next to Charmin tonight.  Phoebe was bred by Carol Annan,  is owned by John & Daphne Eggert, and handled by Ernesto Lara.

GCH CH Hampton Court’s Ashley
(Photo by Infocusbymiguel)

Handler Gabriel Rangel accompanied last year’s BIS winner, the Scottish Terrier, CH Roundtown Mercedes Of Maryscot.  Tonight he will be showing the Cairn Terrier, GCH CH Hampton Court’s Ashley.  Ashley was bred and is owned by Victo Malzoni Jr.

Congratulations to all!


GCH CH Aviator’s Luck Be A Lady
(Photo by Infocusbymiguel)

Another of our WWW picks, the Portuguese Water Dog, GCH CH Aviator’s Luck Be A Lady, will be a big crowd favorite tonight.  Ladybug, the winningest Portie in history, was bred by Craig Kuehn, Suzanne Kuehn & Cathy Dugan, owned by Victor Malzoni Jr, Jerson Valle, Mike Dugan & Cathy Dugan, and handled by Amy Rutherford.

GCH CH Protocol's Veni Vidi Vici

One of our DOGS2WATCH, the Doberman Pinscher, GCH CH Protocol's Veni Vidi Vici, is having a very good weekend winning two specialties before taking the breed today.  FiFi was bred and is owned by Jocelyn & Kevin Mullins.

GCH CH Skyline's Eliminator

Tonight’s Giant Schnauzer will be GCH CH Skyline's Eliminator, bred & owned by Tonilyn & William Fay and co-owned by Carol & Anthony Mazzenga.

Congratulations to all.


GCH CH Silhouette’s LifeInTheFastLane

Another of our WWW picks you will see tonight is the Weimaraner, GCH CH Silhouette’s LifeInTheFastLane.  Jimmie was bred by and is owned by Cindy & Bruce Cassidy and handled by Keith Pautz.

GCH CH Casablanca’s Thrilling Seduction

Another of our Sporting Group picks is the spectacular Black Cocker Spaniel, GCH CH Casablanca’s Thrilling Seduction.  Beckham, currently, the Number One Dog All Breeds, was bred by Linda Moore who co-owns Beckham with Bruce Vandeman, Carolee Douglas, Mary Walker, & Cindy Cassidy, and is handled by Michael Pitt.

GCH CH Fireside's Spontaneous Combustion

Another dog we expect to make the cut tonight is the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, GCH CH Fireside's Spontaneous Combustion.  Buster was bred by Elaine Hunsicker who co-owns Buster with Joan Coughlin and is handled by Michelle Scott.

Congratulations to these spectacular dogs, their breeders, owners, and handlers.


GCH CH Kambara's Zebulon
(Photo by KH³ Media)

Here are three Terriers that we think will make the judge's short list tonight:

GCH CH Kambara's Zebulon is the Only Australian Terrier to win a BIS in the last eight years.  Zeb was bred by & is owned by Anne Mitchell & Craig Mitchell and handled by Kellie Dahlberg.

GCH CH Fleet St Fenway Fan
(Photo by Infocusbymiguel)

The Irish Terrier, GCH CH Fleet St Fenway Fan, repeated his 2010 breed win to join the fun tonight.  Fynn, bred by R C Carusi, Shari Boyd-Carusi, & Stan Wodjewodski, owned by Tony Barker & Victor Malzoni Jr, and handled by RC Carusi, was 2010’s Number Four Terrier.

GCH CH Skyscot’s Poker Chip
(Photo by Carol Beuchat)

Hoping to get a Group Win for the third year in a row is the Norwich Terrier, GCH CH Skyscot’s Poker Chip.  Pokey, 2010’s Number Five Terrier, was bred by Leslie Becker, is owned by Caroline Dodwell, and handled masterfully by Brenda Combs.


GCH CH Lobato's JitterBug Man

Our DOG2WATCH, the Great Dane, GCH CH Lobato's JitterBug Man, will represent that breed tonight.  Congratulations to breeders/owners MaryEllen Thomas & Joy P Lobato, co-owner Glenda Cole, and handler Marie Sommershoe.

GCH CH Lazy D's Bonnie Blue 

As a southern boy we love the name of tonight’s Mastiff, GCH CH Lazy D's Bonnie Blue.  The girl with The Gone With The Wind name was bred and is owned by Nancy Walker and co-owned by Colette Livingston.

GCH CH Spirits Ceriinan Enebys Chevelle

Look for the German Pinscher, GCH CH Spirits Ceriinan Enebys Chevelle, tonight.   This stylish bitch was bred by Robin Pierce and is owned by Valerie J Vihlen Schluter.

Congratulations to all the winners!