Saturday, December 13, 2008


I will be adding to these early results as they come in.

American Foxhound, Kiarry’s Foolish Pride, bred by Leslie, Donna & Faith Millman & Diane Shearer and owned by Harry & Lisa Miller & Beverly Wyckoff

Basenji, CH Jokuba-Kazor’s The Way I Am, bred by Russella Bowen & Carol Webb and owned by Teresa Gavaletz & Kelly Shane

Boston Terrier, Bar None Travelingtoelmerstune, bred and owned by Mark & Terry Pratt & Christine Rimbert

Bulldog, Silverspoons Nothing Personal, bred and owned by Mary Aiken & Rick Sturiza

Chesapeake Bay Retriever, CH Spinnaker’s OC’s Little Miss Vixen, bred by David & Kim Peckman, co-owned with Steve Silva & Kris Clark

Chinese Shar-Pei, Asias Excalibur Whiplash, bred by Lisa Lee Myers & Russella Bowen & Olga Navarro and owned by Beverly Wall & Sue Davis Lisa Myer

Smooth Dachshund, CH Seacrest Double Delight SS, breeder/owners Roland Hernandez & Storm Britten-Ilouno
Dalmation, Tramac Oyriden’n With Spotlite, breeders: J W Smith & M A Callea , owners: Jennifer Meisch & J W Smith

Field Spaniel, Bitterblue’s Here Comes Da Judge, Breeder: Lynn Finney Owner(s): Katherine C Sullivan & H Howard & L Finney

Greyhound, CH Sobers Galathea At Grandcru, Breeders: Bitte Ahrens & Pierluigi Primavera, Owners: Melanie Steele & Thomas Butler & Bitte Ahrens

Harrier, Happytails Keepin The Faith, Breeder: Wendy S McCleery, Owners: Carol & Frank Newman & Wendy McCleery

Irish Water Spaniel, Poole’s Ide Freewater, Breeder: Gregory H Siner & Debbie Patterson, Owners: A Kew & M Richmond & G Siner

Labrador Retriever, CH Gingerbred Celestial Thunder, Breeders: Christine Tye & Ed Conn, Owner: Anthony Leitao


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