Wednesday, December 10, 2008


CH Efbe's Hidalgo At Goodspice

Here’s an update on eligibility for the Eukanuba National Championship. I received an e-mail from Michael Canalizo, AKC’s point man for the show. He states, in part:

“We ask our BIS winner if they would agree to being included in the events promotional material if they were not to exhibit at the following event.

We would not want to impart the perception of promoting an entry of the event. This is strictly at the option of the dogs owners. If they anticipated exhibiting, then they would naturally not agree to the request.

We do this because the winner of the National Championship is the dog we select to represent the USA in the World Challenge and is part of the overall events of the weekend as well.”

I take that to mean that Charmin is not ineligible, but has accepted the role of AKC ambassador in lieu of defending his title. I’ve asked Mike for verification that Margery and Charmin have voluntarily recused themselves. He is currently in Long Beach doing advance work for the show and is kind of busy, so we will probably not hear from him immediately. However, I think we can safely assume that one of our top ten dogs will not be competing, but will be in Long Beach for all to meet and admire. Vis a vis our poll, I am unable to edit the poll once votes are cast. However, all you Charmin fans out there feel free to vote for him anyway. After all, it's all in fun anyway.


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