Saturday, December 13, 2008


Pharoah Hound, DC Churoka Mia Evan Elpus of Hallam SC (Now, it’s names like these that have the rest of the world making fun of us, but it is a beautiful dog) bred by DP Carota &Dr S Sipperly & L Witt & N Sowerbutts and owned by Linda & Greg W Witt & Pam Haig

Saluki, Dakira Swamin, bred/owned by Dagmar Mintzenberg-Freislebon

Scottish Deerhound, CH Jaraluv’s Ouija, bred by Ray & Jana Brinlee, owned by Ray & Jana Brinlee & Steve & Eileen Biles

Tibetan Spaniel, Wassong’s Djebel of Lollipop, bred by Patricia Sarles & M Cosby Driskill & P Kolly-Baden, owned by Patricia C Sarles & Kevin F Wassong

Toy Fox Terrier, Valcopy Xeralane Valentino, bred by Dana Plonkey, owned by Xeralane Kennels
Vizla, CH Everwhen I Hope You Dance, breeder/owner: Judith Richey

Weimaraner, Pikespeak Annie Get Your Gun, breeder/owner: Lou Novosad DVM


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