Monday, June 3, 2013


CH Fishercreek's A Star Is Born UD

Our regular readers know that we love to see some of our less popular breeds win a BIS.  This past weekend we had not one, but two, Flat-Coated Retrievers, on opposite coasts receive the top prize.  That doesn’t happen very often.

GCH CH Yakee’s Easily Persuaded

The first came in Dunkirk NY at Friday’s Olean Kennel Club show where Christina Hubbell chose the Flat-Coat, CH Fishercreek's A Star Is Born UD, as her Best In Show and the Pekingese, GCH CH Yakee’s Easily Persuaded, as her Reserve.  Also bidding for consideration were the Saluki, GCH CH Sandstorm Blue Nile Bubbles at Jatara, the Siberian Husky, GCH CH Snowmist's Quicksilver Speigas, the Smooth Fox Terrier, GCH CH J'Cobe Broxden The Headliner, the Xoloitzcuintli, Bayshore Stoneheavon Espiritu Isabella De Ivoss, and the Briard, GCH CH Deja Vu Mia Cool As A Cucumber.

At two years old, Star is just coming into her own.  She started the season with a breed win at February’s Westminster Kennel Club show.  The win was her first  BIS.  Congratulations to breeders/owners Barry & Pauline Harrison and handler Graham Burden.

GCH CH Northwoods First Reign

The Saluki, Bubbles, and the Peke, Rodger, would be the only of Friday’s finalists to make it back on Friday to Edward Wild’s BIS ring for the Conewango Kennel Club’s first of two shows.  Joining them were the Irish Setter, GCH CH Northwoods First Reign, the Great Dane, GCH CH Longo Miller N’ Lore’s Diamond Lil, the Skye Terrier, GCH CH Jay-Roy Byrne 'N Hot For You, the American Eskimo Dog, GCH CH Nuuktok's Atka Inukshuk, and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, CH Trysor's Winning Colors.  His BIS was the Peke, Rodger, his first of two in Dunkirk.  His RBIS was the Irish Setter, Reign. 

GCH CH Sandstorm Blue Nile Bubbles of Jatara

Five of Friday’s finalists would return to see judge Jon Cole at the CKC’s day two show on Saturday, the Saluki, the Great Dane, the Skye, the Peke, & the Eskie.  Rounding out the final were the Irish Setter, GCH CH Cairncross Concierge With Tullane, and the previously seen Briard, Dill.  Judge Cole’s Best was the Saluki, Bubbles.   

GCH CH Longo Miller N’ Lore’s Diamond Lil
He would also like the Dane, Scout, for his Reserve.  Bubbles is AKC’s Number One Saluki and Number Five Hound with six BIS & 29 Hound Groups.

GCH CH Jay-Roy Byrne 'N Hot For You

Polly Smith would wrap it up on Sunday at the OKC’s second show with the now familiar Saluki, Great Dane, Skye Terrier,  Peke, & Eskie, the Irish Setter, GCH CH Cairncross Concierge with Tullane, and the Old English Sheepdog, CH Lambluv's Daytime Hustler.  She would finish the day with the Peke, Rodger, as her BIS and the Skye, Byrne, as her RBIS.  Rodger, handled by owner & Pekingese maven David Fitzpatrick, has collected six BIS this year.

GCH CH AfterAll Painting the Sky
(Photo by Infocusbymiguel)

In the tony southern California town of Pasadena another Flat-Coated Retriever was throwing down with some of the sport’s biggest names.    The hometown Kennel Club of Pasadena asked George Boulton to choose two from the German Shorthaired :Pointer, GCH CH Dogwdcreek’s La Vite E Belle, the Norwegian Elkhound, GCH CH Aspenrepublik Into The Wind, the St Bernard, GCH CH Jamelle’s Camelot, the Wire Fox Terrier, GCH CH AfterAll Painting the Sky, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, GCH CH Forestcreek Brass In Pocket, the Chow Chow, GCH CH Padow’s Twilight Embrey In a New Moon at Asans, and the Canaan Dog, GCH CH Pleasant Hill Magnum Of Samara.

GCH CH Dogwdcreek’s La Vite E Belle
(Photo by Kayla Bertagnolli courtesy of Best In Show Daily)

Taking the number one prize was the Number One Dog All Breeds, the Wire Fox, Sky.  The GSP, Belle, picked up the runner up trophy.  If you have been reading my reports you know that Sky has 28 BIS, 55 Terrier Groups, and an 11,000 point lead on the field.

GCH CH Featherquest Moonlight Sonata

They say every dog has his day and surely the Flat-Coated Retriever, GCH CH Featherquest Moonlight Sonata, was Sunday.  Gloria Kerr put the Flat-Coat, Ari, over the Reserve, the Wire Fox, Sky, the Basenji, GCH CH Jasuri- Sukari Win Tin Tin, the Giant Schnauzer, GCH CH Lowdown Remys Girl V Ardenhout, the Japanese Chin, GCH CH Victory Spencer, the Tibetan Terrier, CH Players Palermo, and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, GCH CH Serah Celtic Legend of Llynhill.  It is also the first BIS for Ari.  Congratulations to breeder/owner Masaki Shimizu, owner/handler Keiko Shimizu, and owners Robin Briganti & Rici Morrill.


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