Sunday, February 8, 2009


Because of the limitations of time we don’t often cover specialties. However, we do want to emphasize to those less acquainted with the game that most fanciers prize a National Specialty BISS win over the average all breed BIS. There are multiple specialties in the metropolitan New York area during the week before Westminster.

CH Ying’s Miss Congeniality

There are also limited breed events such as the all Toy Progressive Dog Club we reported on. The Big Apple Sporting Society and the Central New Jersey Hound Association, have joined 30 specialty clubs, known as the Garden Specialty Association, to hold a three day celebration in Secaucus NJ. There are also 22 more specialties in New York and Connecticut. It’s like hitting the buffet at Caesar’s Palace before going to a heavyweight title fight at the Forum.

CH Pequest Match Point

Among the winners yesterday were the Pug, CH Tupelo Shoboat Tu China Tu, the Shih Tzu, CH Ying’s Miss Congeniality, the Pekingese, CH Pequest Match Point, and the Papillion, CH Arkeno’s Ears To You (Yes, we know there all Toy breeds, but they are reporting in.)


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