Thursday, February 12, 2009


We are still experiencing a Westminster hangover and that’s mostly a good thing. For a couple of days people everywhere forgot about the financial crisis, the war in Iraq, and the other daily problems we all face, all for our common love of the Dog. Personally, we look forward to Westminster like a five year old looks forward to Christmas. This one was much like the holidays of my childhood. We had an awkward moment when a guest was asked to leave (Ernesto Lara and assistant being excused from the Terrier Group), We got lots of surprise gifts (The Pomeranian in the Toy Group, the Tibetan Mastiff in the Working Group, and the Sussex Spaniel, Stump, as BIS), and we met lots of nice people, (We’ve had over 25,000 hits on the blog these last three days)

We now start the doggy New Year. The 2009 Campaign is underway. We will be saying goodbye to many of last year’s top ten and welcoming a new one. And we have some things to work on. One of the things that came up for discussion during the festivities was the subject of realignment of the AKC Groups. We have been doing our homework on the subject and will be bringing you reports on that subject. We will be continuing our campaign to preserve the rare breeds. Stump’s BIS win provides an opportunity to educate the public and our legislators on the rare breeds and the impact of breeding restrictions on them and all purebred dogs.

In the end holidays bring people together and although every family gathering has its squabbles we hope that you came away full of Westminster Cheer and are looking forward to the New Dog Year and next year’s Garden Party.


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