Thursday, February 12, 2009


One of our intrepid I-Reporters is Juli-Lacey Black of Lacey Kennels. Juli is back from Westminster with a lifetime of memories. She has already shared the miraculous comeback story of Brendan, the Border Collie. Now she has shared the below backstage photos from the Garden. What we noticed is how happy everyone is and why not? They were at the world’s greatest dog show.

The Calm Before The Storm

Michael Scott

Michele Scott

Nina Fetter

Heather Buehner & Zach Helmer

Claudia Orlandi

RC Caruso

Andrew Sawler


  1. I enjoyed your Westminster coverage from start to finish, I'm so glad the dog show world finally has an up to the minute blog, well written and fun to read. Thanks so much, I read you at least once a day.