Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Westminster is the traditional end to the dog show year. That means that starting this weekend we will start seeing the 2009 campaign start in earnest. We have two four day clusters beginning tomorrow. The first is the Indy Winter Classic, hosted by the Central Indiana and Hoosier Kennel Clubs. The second is the Strawberry Cluster In Lakeland FL sponsored by the Sara Bay and Lakeland Winterhaven Kennel Clubs.

Friday two more cities will join the fun with the three day Foothills Dog Show Cluster in Greenville SC courtesy of the Hendersonville, Greenville, and Spartanburg KCs and the four day Rocky Mountain Cluster brought to you by the Plum Creek and Colorado Kennel Clubs. If you are a working stiff and are looking for a traditional two day event, check your local listings in the areas of Camden AR, San Jose CA, Hartford CT, Albany OR, and San Marcos TX.

If you can only manage one day try the Keomah Kennel Club show in Des Moines IA. Finally if you live in paradise there is a three day doggy luau in Hilo HI.


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