Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Demery Paladichuk
2009 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship
Best Junior Handler In Show

Only once in our history have we encouraged you to open your hearts and reach into your purses and donate money to a worthy cause. That was to support one of our community in her participation in Tampa Bay’s Race For the Cure to benefit the fight against breast cancer. Yesterday Maggie Peat of Pramada Kennels contacted us about a cause that we could not resist.

Last month’s AKC/Eukanuba National Championship was the wealthiest prize in dogdom with a total of $225,000 in prize Money. The winning dog got $50,000. The winning dog’s breeder got $15,000. The Best Bred By Exhibitor got $15,000. The winner of the World Challenge got $15,000. However, although the Best Junior Handler In Show gets some nice prizres including a $2,000 college scholarship, they get no cash. To make matters worse, the championship qualifies the winning junior handler to compete at the United Kingdom’s Kennel Club’s marquee show, Crufts in March. As difficult as it is for the ordinary exhibitor to put together the money to travel to England, it is next to impossible for a high school student to put together the necessary funds.

The 2009 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship Best Junior Handler In Show is Demery Paladichuk. Here’s what Demry told us,
I have been involved with AKC dog shows for nearly 7 years. I started out as an awkward girl just going to local dog shows and competing in juniors, little did I know that dog shows would later consume my life. I am a senior in high school, and will be graduating this June. I plan to begin my studies at a University this fall, in order to attain a BA in Business Management before pursuring a career as a professional handler.

During this past December's AKC/Eukanuba National Championship in Long Beach, CA my English Springer Spaniel "Gleason" and I were selected as the Best Junior Handler. This title also qualifies me as the representative for the USA in the International Junior Handling competition at Crufts. Along with being awarded BJH at Eukanuba, Gleason and I have been ranked in the Top 5 Juniors in the US the past two years, as well as being the #1 Sporting Junior in 2008 with over 30 all-breed Best Junior's to our credit. I will be aging out of Juniors this coming April, and the opportunities that have been made possible for me, such as competing at Westminster, Eukanuba, and now Crufts are a complete dream come true. Any and all funds are sincerely appreciated, especially for a future starving student
Maggie has agreed to act as a trusted administrator to collect funds to pay for Demry & an adult chaperone to attend Crufts. If you have questions you can contact Maggie at Donations have closed.

Update: 1/30/2010 We have been advised that the goal for sending Junior Handler Demery Paladichuk to Crufts has been reached. We thank all of you for your generosity and proving once again that dog people are the nicest people around. We will certainly keep you posted on how Demry does.


  1. Done, Billy. Thanks for telling us about this and pls keep us updated on her progress.

  2. They no longer give out a scholarship to the winner? That is just sad if they don't.

  3. Done! Thank you. Demery, make us proud. AKC, step up and give our kids the financial means to go to school and compete on our sport's behalf.

  4. Thanks Billy! We are on our way and just under 20% there!

  5. yay! Keep it up folks. The word is getting out. It is all over facebook!

  6. DONE. I also posted a link on Facebook for people to donate. Best Wishes to her. Thanks to Maggie Peat for starting this up.

  7. I feel that competeing in Crufts in an option and honor. If donations are given, they should be because they wanted too, not because they have been asked.

  8. Does Demry's dog have the proper vacanations to travel and compete at crufts. The dog needs a tyder(SP) test? This test takes 6-9 months to process alone.

    Dont want to sounds like a bad person, just a honest question.

    Hope she does have it and goes over there and kicks butt!

  9. How would you know to donate if you weren't asked? Thank you for asking me because I may have missed out on helping our future handler Demery persue her dream.

  10. The dog does not travel to Crufts. The junior competitors are provided a dog for the competition. This is not a typical show where any eligible junior can enter. It is an international competition where ONE junior represents each country.

    Previously the junior selected was the #1 Open Senior based on juniors defeated, and Pedigree paid for the trip for the junior and a chaperone and the March 2008 Crufts was the last show Pedigree was the International Junior Handler competition, hence no longer sponsoring the trip.

    I really believe that the system of sending the #1 junior based on wins or number defeated is an excellent method as it does not bring it down to just ONE show. But regardless of who is selected, the reason I took on this effort was so the US would be represented.

  11. As Demery's grandmother in Montana, I am extremely grateful to Maggie Peat for starting this fund for Demery and we appreciate all the donations being given so Dem and a chaperone can attend the Crufts show. I have also contacted all of our relatives and put the link on Facebook so hopefully it will bring great results. She does work very hard and is very deserving. Thanks to all of you who are making this dream come true for her.

  12. Just wanted to let you know that we have raised the full $5000 as of this morning!