Sunday, February 1, 2009


Our interview with Laurie Williams, host of Dog Sports & performance Network (DSPN), is now available on the Pet Life Radio web site.

We recommend you download the pod cast for easy listening. We tried to listen to streaming audio, but we sounded like the village idiot. Once we downloaded the MP3 file, we were relieved to find we were much better spoken than we first thought. We hope you will think so too.

We covered a variety of topics focusing on next week’s Westminster show, including who we think the favorites are, DOGS2WATCH, some background on the judges, Westminster trivia, the PETA controversy, rare breeds, and our own experiences at Westminster. Check it out and find out if your favorite dog got a plug. We hope it will make your Westminster experience more fun and you know you want to know what we sound like.


  1. I enjoyed the PODCAST. I downloaded it to iTunes and listened to it on my computer. Very easy. Nice job, and fun to listen to.

  2. Also, what do you hear from Fresno??