Saturday, February 7, 2009


At Thursday’s Westminster Press Conference, the club’s urbane media liaison, David Frei, introduced one of our own I-reporters, Juli Lacey-Black of Lacey Kennels, and her Border Collie, CH Invisible Red Touch From Borders Paradise, known to the family as “Brendan”. But he wasn’t always known by that name.

CH Invisible Red Touch From Borders Paradise

In December 2007, Juli got a call from a fellow Border Collie breeder, Cindy Geiss of Cashel Kennels, that she and several other breeders had been contacted by a man desperate to rehome an imported dog that after a few shows had suddenly become vicious and unmanageable. In February 2008, after two months of negotiation, including contracts releasing him from liability, Julia convinced the man not to destroy the dog and allow her to take a shot at rehabbing “Touch“.

Juli took the dog home and immediately renamed him Brendan, a symbolic and practical new start for them both. Julia found no sign of the claimed vicious behavior, though Brendan’s previous home had obviously created some shyness in him. Additionally, he was in poor condition, overweight and matted. By May, after three months of loving care, Brendan’s emotional and physical condition had progressed to a point that Julia decided to revive his show career. That first show was rough on Juli and Brendan, but they persevered and by July Brendan was winning the breed and placing in the group. In November, Brendan finished his championship at a show with a Border Collie supported entry.

Brendan Greets Charlie, The Norwich,
at Thursday's Westminster Press Briefing

Juli reports that, although she has shown over 100 dogs to their championship, it was the most gratifying win she has ever had. And what do dog owners do to celebrate a big win? No, they don’t go to Disneyland. They go to Westminster. And that is where Brendan and Juli are, kicking off their visit with a featured appearance at Westminster’s Thursday Press conference.

We wish Juli, co-owner, Cindy Geiss, and Brendan luck Monday, but what ever the outcome, we think they are winners.


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