Tuesday, February 3, 2009


In a a predictable political punt, President Obama told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that the first family was delaying acquisition of a puppy until spring when, “ Sasha and Malia would be more enthusiastic walking a pet.” In an interview to be aired tonight at 10:00 PM EST, President Obama also stated that the family had not decided on a breed. We suspect the family has a reservation in for a Portuguese Water Dog and does not want to spoil the puppy’s coming out party with a pre-announcement. We have been unable to get a independent confirmation on our original source, but still feel confident that the First Dog will be a purebred PWD. Come on, now, one of your Portie people know something. Fess up.


  1. Keep turning the screws on your source, Billy! I'm looking to you to break this story!!

  2. As much as I know we in the dog community are curious, and I do hope they are getting a PWD instead of a "labradoodle", I really hope no one gets to know the details until the kids do. The excitement and surprise about the new puppy is all a part of the fun for children, I hope nobody in the media or dog world gets the scoop on this particular story and spoils the fun.