Monday, June 10, 2013


GCH CH Brighton Lakeridge Encore

For the past three seasons we have enjoyed and written about the rivalry between the black Standard Poodle dog, GCH CH Jaset’s Satisfaction, and the white Standard Poodle bitch, GCH CH Brighton Lakeridge Encore.  The two are very different interpretations of the standard, but both correct and beautiful.  The bitch, Ally, is refined and elegant with a distinctly feminine face.  The dog, London, is imposing and strong with a head that was aptly described as the definition of “poodlely”.

GCH CH Loma’s Rhinestone Cowboy Of Rott’n Acre’s CD R

We told you yesterday about London’s 100th BIS.  We are delighted to report that Ally said “ditto” Sunday at the Flagstaff Kennel Club day two show in that Arizona city.  Ally reached the century mark with a flourish posting back2back BIS, taking both Saturday’s & Sunday’s top prizes.  Ally and handler Tim Brazier were joined in Sara Futh’s final by her Reserve winner, the Rottweiler, GCH CH Loma’s Rhinestone Cowboy Of Rott’n Acre’s CD R, the Pointer, CH Solivia’s Decadence Of Beagood, the Harrier, GCH CH Downhome Hitech Innovator, the Miniature Bull Terrier, GCH CH Dytona VIP, the Pug, GCH CH Winsome-Nirvana-Blaque Triple Play, and the Bouvier, GCH CH Delux Jumpin’ Jack Flash.

GCH CH Jasiri-Sukari Win Tin Tin
(Photo by Dan Sayers courtesy of Best In Show Daily)

Sunday George Boulton would prefer Ally to his RBIS, the Basenji, GCH CH Jasiri-Sukari Win Tin Tin, whom he would prefer to the above named Pointer, Mini Bull, & Pug, and the Rottweiler, GCH CH Baar None v Qualicum CDX, and the Smooth Collie, GCH CH Traveler’s Pierce Arrow.

Ally and London did not meet frequently in the show ring, but spectators at this year’s Westminster Kennel Club show will remember seeing Ally win the breed and go on to a Group Two…all in all, a glorious career for a very special dog.  Congratulations to Tim, breeders L'Dyne Wicker Brennan & Debra Ferguson Jones, and owners Toni Sosnoff & Martin Sosnoff.


  1. Congratulations to Allie, what an amazing thing that they would both reach that milestone on the same weekend!