Monday, October 4, 2010


CH YellowBrickRoad Wring Of Fire

Back2back BIS for a Cairn Terrier is about likely as being swept away by a tornado to a land inhabited by Munchkins, but it did happen this weekend, not in the magical land of Oz, but in the magical land of Hawaii.  The Cairn Terrier, CH YellowBrickRoad Wring Of Fire, picked up the double in Honolulu, winning both of the Windward Hawaiian Dog Fanciers Association‘s two shows.

If you’ve been reading us, you already know all about Saturday’s show.  On Sunday, it was judge John Connolly, the Cairn, Cash, the Brittany, RJ’s She’s All In, the  Saluki, CH Inisfalte Mannaseh Of Wisdom, the Doberman Pinscher, CH Fantasy Island's Inspiration , the Shih Tzu, GCH CH Xeralane’s Eye Of The storm, the Miniature Poodle, CH Nalani Regency Time Brings Hope, and the Rough Collie, CH Marko’s Sumrwynqwst Colt Brennan.  We are so thrilled we are off to figure out what cocktail this Cairn owner can celebrate with…something green, emerald green, maybe a Sazerac…


  1. Actually, this is Cash's third BIS win. His first was under Judge Mrs. Donna J. Buxton (pictured above) at Orchid Island Dog Fanciers Inc. show earlier this year; 2/15/2010.

  2. Congratulations. I'm new to Cairn ownership. Accident (Axie) is only 18 months and I love him to bits, but a handfull would be a mild way of describing him. Incorrigible would sum him up if only one word were allowed. Talk about Growing Pains... Mine.

    That you can get a Cairn to behave so favourably, is indeed a credit to you and to Cash. Thank you for giving me hope.

    Sue and Axie
    Ottawa, Canada.
    (PS - are there any squirrels in your neighbourhood?)