Monday, February 15, 2010


CH Flying Ford N Sunglo Dragon's Bordeaux

We will pickup with the Non-Sporting again. The uniquely American Boston Terrier Breed winner was CH Flying Ford N Sunglo Dragon's Bordeaux bred by Janice Smith & Helen B Ford who co-own him with Dave Smith & Ann Sundae.

CH Daimler's Caviar Dreams

Keeshond followers have a great one to root for, CH Daimler's Caviar Dreams, bred by Terry & Diane Benz who co-own with Cathy Cinnamon.

CH Cedar C Barnstorm L&D Edition

Our Tibetan twosome are the Spaniel, CH Yeti Asawin Ez Texas Legacy, bred by Hope Arnold & Susan Lingle and owned by Jaquie Dean & Betsy Keith, and the Terrier, CH Cedar C Barnstorm L&D Edition, bred by Donna Ogden who co-owns with Patricia Bernardo & Mary Lou Laffler.

CH Chic Choix Bihar

Tonight the little lion dog, the Lowchen, will be CH Chic Choix Bihar Cuba, bred by Juha Kares and owned by Juha Kares.

Bravo to all!


  1. Thanks for reporting Drake's big win at Westminster.