Sunday, June 14, 2009


We have a late report from the Kennel Club of Texarkana, the town that straddles two states.

CH Cordmaker Field Of Dreams

Judge Jon Cole was on the Arkansas side Saturday with the English Springer Spaniel, CH Capulet’s Innovation, the Boxer, the Saluki, Ch Hajjis Porshe JC, CH Bravo Sunset N Stealing Time, the Lakeland Terrier, CH Hi-Kel Terrydale Soldier Of Fortune, the Chinese Crested, CH Pahlavi Peepin' Tom, the Chinese Shar-Pei, CH Chaoyang Chick Magnet At Asia, and the Puli, CH Cordmaker Field Of Dreams.

BIS was the nation’s number one Herding Dog, the Puli, Conrad. Conrad is currently the number four dog all breeds, but is poised to overtake the number three dog, the Giant Schnauzer, CH Galilee's Pure Of Spirit, now currently inactive.


  1. I believe the saluki was Ch Hajjis Porshe JC ,and the crested was CH Pahlavi Peepin' Tom

  2. Thanks, I knew one of our readers would fill in the blanks for us. You guys are great!

  3. Just heard that Jane Myers and CeeJay got his 28th BIS in Waynesville NC

  4. That crested is lovely.