Wednesday, June 17, 2009


As we have written many times before we make mistakes. This blog is a one man operation and given the number of posts we do (836 these past ten months), we make our share of errors. Usually they are mere typos or misspellings.

CH Silverspoon’s Nothing Personal

However, in reporting on the group winners from Sunday’s Gridley show, we transgressed more seriously. We did not report the Non-Sporting winner, CH Silverspoon’s Nothing Personal, correctly. There was an unfortunate transposition in our cut and paste operation which understandably offended the breeder/owner/handler of this BIS/BISS winner and former number one Bulldog. We offer our most sincere apologies to breeders/owners Mary Aiken & Rick Sturiza, but are thankful for the opportunity to share a terrific photo of this magnificent boy, known as Cooper to his fans, with our readers.


  1. As for being offended, what goes around, comes around...

  2. Cooper, a great Breed ambassador. Thanks for posting his picture for us to admire.

  3. As the dogs name says.... Mary is not one to take anything PERSONAL.... seems we can't say the same about others... Posted by Tracy Storck