Thursday, July 9, 2015


Before we start with this week’s show reports, we shall pull out our soap box, dust it off, and make our position known. We have stayed out of the controversy about the selection of China as the location for the 2019 Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) World Dog Show, but the noise has become too loud for us to ignore further. This morning we read a Facebook post full of ethnic slurs. This kind of ugly behavior does nothing to further the discussion. We hope anyone who harbors such racist feelings about any of our fellow dog lovers avoids our hobby all together. 

Before we go further let us make a full disclosure (which should be no surprise to our regular readers). We absolutely believe AKC has the best dogs and best standards in the world and see no reason we should pattern ourselves after FCI or any other organization. For some time we have been alarmed by the intrusion of the animal rights loonies into our world. Both FCI and the United Kingdom’s Kennel Club have abandoned type and standards in favor of political correctness. We will go to our grave thinking that a Doberman Pinscher with floppy ears and a long tail is not the dog whose fierce appearance would make people pay their taxes. 

However, the 2017 World Show controversy is all about political correctness. Western fanciers are horrified that some non-Western cultures see domestic dogs as food source. (Despite the fact that many of them voted for a President who has consumed dog flesh and has never condemned the practice.) We spent a decade working with refugee and immigrant communities and appreciate and enjoy the different cultures we have known. However, we still remember our Mother’s advice, “Keep an open mind, but don’t let your brains fall out.” We have dined in dozens of ethnic restaurants and non-Western homes, but we have never eaten dog or cat flesh, though we freely admit we have eaten and like goat. 

The real issue is, “What are the benefits to the Dog World at large in having the 2019 World Show in China?” and there are many. Expanding our sport into such a large country, could potentially save our sport. The Chinese are not likely to compromise their breeding programs to assuage the sensibilities of PETA members and they could be powerful allies against those who would like to see an end to our sport. Nonetheless, we can only endorse such a partnership if the Chinese accept our standards of pet ownership. The marketing of dog flesh must cease. 

In the end, it’s about standards. You want to live by theirs or ours? By the way, where did the anger go about Russia’s homophobic culture?


  1. "China: Backwards Enough to Breed Dogs That Can't Breathe, Too Backwards to Stop Eating Them"?