Thursday, July 11, 2013


GCH CH Shaireab Bayleigh Maid of Honor 
(Photo by Gay Glazbrook)

While we wait for more results from today, here’s what happened last week in West Friendship MD where the Catoctin Kennel Club, the Northeastern Maryland Kennel Club, the Upper Marlboro Kennel Club, and the National Capital Kennel Club collaborated on a four show weekend.

GCH CH CR-Wicca’s Trade Secret

The CKC kicked it off on the 4th with Terry Stacy in the final ring with the Irish Setter, CH Evergreen Good Intentions, the Otterhound, CH Scentasia´s End OfAn Era, the Akita, GCH CH CR-Wicca’s Trade Secret, the Welsh Terrier, GCH CH Shaireab Bayleigh Maid of Honor, the Pug, GCH CH Caper’s Sirius Endeavor, the Miniature Poodle, GCH CH Bellefleets Living In The Fast Lane, and the Australian Shepherd, CH Double R'S Alberta Clipper CGC.

His top two were the Welsh Terrier, Jennie, and the Akita, Trader.  Jennie is AKC’s Number One Welsh Terrier and Number Three Terrier with eight BIS and 31 Terrier Groups.

GCH CH Kiarry's Pandora's Box
(Photo by Kayla Bertagnolli courtesy of Best In Show Daily)

Peter Green was in the final ring on Friday for the NMKC.  The seven he saw were the Irish Setter, GCH CH Crimsonacre Wind Chime, the American Foxhound, GCH CH Kiarry’s Pandora’s Box, the St Bernard, GCH CH Jamelle’s Aristocrat V Elba CGC RN, the Kerry Blue Terrier, GCH CH Class Act By Hallsblu, the Pug, GCH CH Hill Country Tag I’m It, the Tibetan Spaniel, GCH CH Kan Sing Tenzin, and the Finnish Lapphund, GCH CH Lumiturpa Arvi.

GCH CH Class Act By Hallsblu

His Best was the Foxhound, Jewel, and his Reserve was the Kerry, Blue.  Jewel is the nation’s Number One Foxhound, Number One Hound, and the Number Five Dog All Breeds with 20 BIS and 61 Hound Groups.

GCH CH McMagic's Mojo

Jewel and the above named Irish Setter & Pug, would all be back on Saturday for the UMKC’s final.  Joining them in Paula Hartinger’s ring were the Samoyed, GCH CH McMagic's Mojo, the Sealyham Terrier, GCH CH Efbe's Thunder Rd At Burberry, the Lhasa Apso, GCH CH Ta Sen Westgate On A High, and the Briard, GCH CH Deja Vu Mia Cool As A Cucumber.

GCH CH Hill Country Tag I’m It

The two walking away with the top awards were the Sammie, Mojo, with the BIS, and the Pug,. JJ, with the RBIS.  It’s Sammie’s second BIS of the year in nine final appearances.

GCH CH An Garda Deja Vu Looking at You 

The NCKC had the closer and they chose Don Evans to choose a Best and Reserve form the Weimaraner, GCH CH Poets Bossa Nova Baby, the Foxhound, Jewel, the Greater Swiss Mountain .Dog, GCH Nox's George Bailey's Irish Crème, the American Staffordshire Terrier, GCH CH An Garda Deja Vu Looking at You, the Pug, JJ, and the aforementioned Miniature Poodle & Briard
Packing up the final two awards were the two year old AmStaff with the Best In Show and the Foshound, Jewel, with the Reserve.  It's the first for the young AmStaff.   Congratulations to breeder/owner Evelyn Heath, owner Renato Paco Zanoia, and handler Christian P Berg.


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