Sunday, September 4, 2011


GCH CH GrandCru Clos Erasmus
(Photo by Winnersdog)

The Raleigh Kennel Club took center stage in their North Carolina hometown today.   Bill Shelton chose his winner from the Golden Retriever, GCH CH Gemini Fallchase The Butler Did It, the Greyhound, GCH CH GrandCru Clos Erasmus, the Boxer, GCH CH Winfall Brookwood Styled Dream, the Skye Terrier, GCH CH Cragsmoor Buddy Goodman, the Pug, CH Riversong’s Doc Holiday, the Bichon Frise, CG Vogelflight‘s Taywyn Tarragon, and the Bouvier des Flandres, GCH CH Quiche’s Grand Finale.

Best was the Greyhound, Era.  Era and breeder/owner/handler Rindi Gaudet are one of the pairs you must see this year.  Together they have collected four all breed BIS and 25 Hound Groups so far this season.


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