Saturday, May 1, 2010


SPC Kelli Johnson & Friend

This morning we got this comment on our “Frequent Flyers” post  and decided to bring it to the top of the page to share with everyone.
Dear Mr. Wheeler,

If it weren't for your site, I would be left almost completely in the dark on the latest happenings in the beloved dog show world due to being deployed to Iraq. I can't thank you enough for your countless show by show posts and correlating pictures to give me the glimpse I would never get of the greats. I count down to the day when I can regain the ability to travel on my own terms to the dog shows of my choice, but until then, every update from you is GREATLY appreciated.

I have enjoyed seeing Amy and Dodger in person before, and I can see they make a beautiful team. I find it almost impossible to picture dog with a true disdain for the show world (and EVERYTHING that comes with it) making it to the top like they have, and all those before them. It is with this that I believe this dog loves what he does and who he does it with.

I wish people wouldn't take so much for granted. Getting to see more than the just the local specimens of the breeds we love is imperative to our sport's future. Not everyone can make it to their respective national every year, and it is with this that they surely look forward to the out of towners making a stop in their backyard. I know I have always loved seeing the "big ones" in life when our local shows arrived every year.

Good luck to all dogs, top and otherwise this year!!

With the utmost gratitude,
SPC Kelli Johnson, US ARMY
Kelli, it is you and your fellow service members that deserve my and all Americans’ gratitude.  My small contribution pales along side the dedication and courage you all show every day.  I am humbled that this blog is bringing a bit of our dog show world to your all too real world.  Now that I am retired it is all too easy to get immersed in our hobby and forget about what’s going on in the world.  I don’t think I have mentioned it here on the blog before, but my last position before I retired was with the Navy Personnel Command where I managed 13 programs for the Navy’s Family Service Centers.  During those five years I saw first hand the talent and selflessness of our Service Members.  So I thank you for your service.  I thank your parents for raising such a child.  When you get back stateside, I hope I meet you at one of our shows, so I can thank you in person. 


  1. Amen and well said. Sort of puts things back in perspective. Thanks to SPC Kelli Johnson and all the forces for doing what they do to keep us safe.

  2. Thanks for posting Kelli response to your site. We cannot think our troops enough for all they have done and are doing for us. They are the true heroes of any sport.

  3. After reading this latest post by Mr. Wheeler makes me sit back and say wow.It makes me thankful for what I've got.Dodger seems very happy doing what he is doing.I am sure the day get get tired of doing what he loves Amy and Phil will retire him.Keep up the good work Amy and Dodger! Dogs love doing various things from going to dog show to the simplest thing as playing outside as long as they are with us.

  4. Thanks for posting this to the blog, brought tears to my eyes. When you least expect it is when the good Lord shows you what the human spirit is all about...

    Atlanta, Ga

  5. Thank you Kelli for your service. When I show next you will be with me in the ring. My win will be your win too!

  6. Kelli (my daughter) - nice posting!! Way to love the dog world and way to fight for our country!! I could not be more proud!!

  7. Kelli, thank you for your service. Good luck in the ring when you come home.

    Billy, thank you for reminding us all what is more important.

  8. So glad this is available to you, Kelli. We take so much for granted here (I saw several of these dogs last weekend) but I know how unhappy I would be if I were unable to participate due to deployment or anything else out of my control. We'll all be thrilled to have you back when you're done there! Patty

  9. Thank you, Kelli! For your service and your perspective! I totally agree! Love your picture! It depicts what this sport is all about! God bless & stay safe. We all look forward to meeting you at a dog show soon!

  10. Thank you Kelli, it really keeps things ini perspective - now I have to ask - who is your irish friend?

    Debbie Burke