Tuesday, July 16, 2013


GCH CH Penpoint King Arthur

We continue our weekend coverage with a trip to the west coast.  First up is beautiful Carmel CA where the Del Monte Kennel Club spent two days.  On Saturday judge Anne Katona chose her top two from the Pointer, GCH CH Penpoint King Arthur, the Pharaoh Hound, CH Farao Anubis Ramiro, the Samoyed, GCH CH Glacier's Goddess of Fire, the Lakeland Terrier, GCH CH Hi-Kel Terrydale Fortune In My Eyes, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, GCH CH Crizwood Undeniable, the Keeshond, GCH CH Summerwind's Rumor Has It, and the Australian Shepherd, GCH CH Woodstock’s Belle Starr.

She chose the Pointer, King, as her Best and the Keeshond, RuRu, as her Reserve.  It’s the first for King.  Congratulations to breeder/owner Lee Ann Stagg and owner/handler Kimberly Bakker.

GCH CH Woodstock’s Belle Starr

Only RuRu and the Australian Shepherd, Belle, would be back on Sunday for judge Allen Pepper’s final.  They would be joined by the English Springer Spaniel, GCH CH Segre's Brown Derby BN RA OA OAJ, the Ibizan Hound, GCH CH Hare Hill’s Ace in the Hole, the Akita, GCH CH Ruthdale’s Candy from a Baby, the Colored Bull Terrier, GCH CH Soquel Millenium Seafarer, and the Brussels Griffon, GCH CH Paragons Sharp Dressed Man At Greengates.

Judge Pepper would like the two returning dogs, giving the Aussie, Belle, the BIS, and the Keeshond, RuRu, the RBIS.  It’s also Belle’s first BIS.  Congratulations to breeder/owner Linda Buell and handler Megan Hof. 

GCH CH Rush Hill's Drama'geddon JH

Up in Chehalis WA the Timberland Valley Dog Fanciers Association was set up for the weekend.  The seven dogs that stayed all day to see BIS judge Helene Nietsch were the Golden Retriever, GCH CH Rush Hill's Drama'geddon JH, the Smooth Dachshund, GCH CH Spellbound's You Go First, the Doberman Pinscher, GCH CH Tiburon’s Arsenal, the Cairn Terrier, GCH CH Terrywood MVP, the Japanese Chin, GCH CH Sunojo's Red Hot Chinni Pepper, the Miniature Poodle, The Bond Girl Of Heatherly, and the Belgian Tervuren,GCH CH Sky Acres Maximum Altitude.

GCH CH Spellbound's You Go First

The two grabbing the top awards were the Golden, Willis, and the Dachshund, Blue.  It’s the fifth BIS of the year for Willis and breeder/owner/handler Tonya Struble.

GCH CH Windbourne HD Ranch King Of The Road

Debra Thornton had Sunday’s final and all new seven from which to choose her winners.  They  were the English Setter, GCH CH Set'r Ridge Imagine The Future, the Black & Tan Coonhound, GCH CH Windbourne HD Ranch King Of The Road, the Mastiff, CH Beowulf’s Walkin On Sunshine, the Wheaten Terrier, GCH CH Doubloon’s Extreme Play, the Havanese, CH Askin Bidin' My Time, the Boston Terrier, Naughty Norteno’s Clik Clik Bang, and gthe Bearded Collie, GCH CH Wigglesworth Thriller.

CH Beowulf’s Walkin On Sunshine

Heading to the front of the line were the Coonhound, Roy, and the Mastiff, Malibu.  Roy is the country’s Number One Black & Tan Coonhound and Number Ten Hound with five BIS and 14 Hound Groups.

GCH CH Brighton Lakeridge Encore

Meanwhile another Washington state resident was in Coeur d’Alene ID.  The Standard Poodle, GCH CH Brighton Lakeridge Encore, took home both the BIS from the Inland Empire Kennel Association’s two shows.   Saturday Ally impressed judge Gay Dunlap more than did the Pekingese, GCH CH Dunkirk Center Stage, who impressed her more than did the Weimeraner, GCH CH  Diamond MK the Eagle Has Landed, the Saluki, GCH CH Shadaglen Salish As Time Goz By, the Tibetan Mastiff, GCH CH Dreamcatcher Major Victory of Loki, the Bedlington Terrier, GCH CH Pineriver's Show Me The Money, and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, GCH CH  Dragonjoy New Girl in Town.

GCH CH Dunkirk Center Stage 
(Photo by Kayla Bertagnolli for Best In Show Daily)

Five of Saturday’s finalists would return for Jacqueline Stacy’s final on Sunday.  They were joined by the Greyhound, Wildwood Helios Clark Gable, and the Bernese Mountain Dog, CH Arundel Gotta Get to Hapi Mtn.  However, judge Stacy would see it the same as judge Dunlap, placing Ally first and the Peke, Sullivan.   Ally is the country’s Number One Standard Poodle and Number One Non-Sporting Dog with 16 BIS and 36 Non-Sporting Groups this year.  Ally started the week as the Number Ten Dog All Breeds.  These two BIS should move her up at least one spot.


  1. This post has the herding group 1 at Timberland Valley Dog Fanciers Association same as the Non Sporting group, the herding group was one by Belgian Tervuren Ch.Sky Acres Maximum Altitude breeder/owner / handler Michelle Edling

  2. Thanks for catching that, Susan. We have it corrected now.