Wednesday, September 21, 2011


GCH CH Enchanted's American Thunder

Amarillo TX is a ways from anywhere else, situated on I-40 half way in between Albuquerque NM & Oklahoma City OK.  However, we do think they could get their results out in less than six days.  I think they did better than that when the Pony Express was in charge.

The Panhandle Kennel Club of Texas started their four day set in Amarillo last Thursday with Charles Trotter calling the BIS.  His seven candidates were the Chesapeake Bay Retriever, GCH CH Quialridge’s Coupe Deville, the Pharaoh Hound, GCH CH Northgate’s As You Like It, the Rottweiler, GCH CH Chancellor’s High Flyin’ Gladiator, the American Staffordshire Terrier, GCH CH Alpine’s Ring of Fire, the Papillon, GCH CH Copella’s Rising Attraction, the Boston Terrier, GCH CH Gumbo-Kean’s Cosmic Stargazer, and German Shepherd Dog, GCH CH Enchanted's American Thunder. 

Day one went to the GSD, Stormy.  It’s the first for Stormy this year in 18 final appearances.  Congratulations to breeders Elaine M & Robert George and owners Jane Bates & Sergio Espejo.

GCH CH Chancellor’s High Flyin’ Gladiator

Day two’s final fell to Peggy Lloyd who got to see the same Pharaoh Hound, Rottweiler, & Papillon along with the Vizsla, GCH CH Regal Point Pinnacle of Kiluea, the Norwich Terrier, GCH CH Skyscot’s Texas Hold’em, the Bichon Frise, GCH CH Saks Hamelot Little Drummer Boy, and the Australian Shepherd, CH Copperidge’s one Time Offer. 

Her Best was the impressive Rottweiler, Pilot.  That’s two for twenty for Pilot & handler Perry Payson.

GCH CH Saks Hamelot Little Drummer Boy

The rest of the weekend belonged to the aforementioned Bichon.  On Saturday Drummer & handler Scott Sommer were accompanied in Stephen Hubbell’s final  by the above named Chessie, Pharaoh Hound, Rottweiler, AmStaff, Papillon, & GSD.  Sunday Norm Patton chose Drummer over the returning Chessie, Pharaoh Hound, Rott, Norwich, Papillon, & GSD.

That brings Drummer’s 2011 totals to 17 BIS & 64 Non-Sporting Groups and that’s how you get to be Number Ten Dog All Breeds.


  1. This was my first year to attend the Amarillo show and despite "being aways from anywhere else" I thought they put on a great show!! The facility was very nice and dog friendly ( gee they even had running water and flushing toilets). All the members were very nice and helpful. The show ran smoothly and on schedule. They even gave away a thousand dollar scholarship for the juniors! I could be wrong but I did not know that it was the club who made results available. Thought that was the job of the superintendent or AKC????