Tuesday, January 18, 2011


 Portland OR Skyline
Our dog show week begins tomorrow with the resumption of the rain delayed Florida Marathon in Brooksville FL, with each of the Manatee, Inverness Florida, Tampa Bay, Clearwater, & Pasco Florida Kennel Club s all taking a turn.  However, the big points will again be out in the Pacific Northwest where the Tualatin Kennel Club and the Dog Fanciers Association Of Oregon will attract more than 10,000 dogs for four days of all breed shows.

There will be plenty of competition for entries from the Mid Atlantic where the Annapolis Kennel Club & Carroll Kennel Club will set up for four days in West Friendship MD,  the Great Lakes Region where exhibitors can enjoy four days in Novi MI with the Livonia Kennel Club, and sunny California where the fanciers can spend four days in Ventura with the Channel City Kennel Club, Simi Valley Kennel Club , San Fernando Kennel Club, & Ventura County Dog Fanciers Association.

There are also traditional two day weekends in Des Moines IA with the Central Iowa Kennel Club, in Rosenberg TX with the Fort Bend Kennel Club, in Anchorage AK with the Kenai & Anchorage Kennel Clubs, and in Ewa HI with the West Oahu Kennel Club.

Once again, the American public has a dazzling choice of venues to see the dazzling dogs that are AKC purebreds.  Come on out!  For those of you who cannot get out to a show this weekend, be sure to watch the broadcast of the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship this this Sunday,  2 PM EST/PST and 1 PM CST on ABC.


  1. Ventura, California is a four-day cluster.

  2. That is a beautiful picture of the mountains in the background in Portland Oregon.Just breathtaking!!!!

  3. Eddie and Adam won the Terrier specialty today in Portland!