Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Pikes Peak near Colorado Springs CO

We have a nice assortment of clusters and two day weekends coming up with a total of 32 all breed shows in 13 locations.  In the Northeast we have the Taconic Hills Kennel Club, the Greenwich Kennel Club, & the Longshore-Southport Kennel Club, giving us four shows in a manner for which the word “cluster” was invented.  THKC will do the first two shows in Yorktown Heights NY, just north of New York City, then the everyone will pack up and go across the state line to Norwalk CT for the GKC’s event 30 miles away, only to pack up after the final to return to Yorktown Heights for Sunday’s LSKC show.   In the South Central region, the Acadiana Kennel Club & the Calcasieu Kennel Club team for four shows, all at the same show grounds in Lake Charles LA.  Likewise West Coast exhibitors benefit from the Lake County Kennel Club Of Northern California & the Contra Costa County Kennel Club, clubs hundreds of miles apart, who managed to agree on a convenient site in Vallejo CA at the Solano County Fairgrounds.  

Our remaining shows are all of the two day variety mostly with a hometown club theme.  In the Mid Atlantic, you have your choice of two in Fisherville VA with the Skyline Kennel Club or two in Fletcher NC with theAsheville Kennel Club.   Great Lakes residents can try the Mckinley Kennel Club in Canton OH, the Mount Pleasant Michigan Kennel in Club in Mt Pleasant Mi, the WheatWA on Kennel Club in Wheaton IL, or the Lake Minnetonka Kennel Club in Jordan MN.   Further south there’s the Paducah Kennel Club’s two shows in Paducah KY.   In addition to the Vallejo shows, western offerings include two in Colorado Springs with the Colorado Springs Kennel Club, in Flagstaff AZ with the Flagstaff kennel Club, and Puyallup with the Pullayup Valley Dog Fanciers & the Tacoma Kennel Club.  It’s a good weekend to support your hometown dog club.  Visit your local AKC show and wonder at the marvelous pure bred dogs.


  1. Fletcher is NC not SC....pretty darn close to SC but it is in NC

  2. To those who are comming to Lake Minnetonka Kennel club Dog show in Jordan this weekend,the weather on Saturday is supposed to be humid,85 with a good chance of rain but on Sunday it is going to be 78 and partly sunny.Some come prepared for all sorts of different weather.