Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Bison in Yellowstone National Park
Once again while we were still talking about last week, the new dog show week has begun.  We are midway through the Great Wilderness Trek that began in Filer ID last Tuesday.  After six days in Idaho, our dog show gypsies crossed into Montana for today’s Yellowstone Valley Kennel Club’s first of three shows in Billings.  That will be followed two shows in Great Falls courtesy of the Electric City Kennel Club and three shows in Misssoula hosted by the Five Valley Kennel Club.  That’s 14 shows in 15 days, enough for the most obsessed exhibitor.  And, yes, not even tornadoes over the weekend have kept our determined dog fanciers from their quest.  All shows are still a go.

If you lack the stamina for such an undertaking (let’s face it.  Most of us do), there are still plenty of opportunities this week for a long weekend at the shows.  You can try the quartet of shows in suburban New York.  There will be three in New Paltz from the Wallkill Kennel Club, the Shawangunk Kennel Club, & the Mid-Hudson Kennel Association, followed by the Staten Island Kennel Club‘s Sunday show in that borough.  In western Pennsylvania, the South Hills Kennel Club & Mountaineer Kennel Club will team for four in Waynesburd PA.  The Valparaiso Kennel Club, Michiana Kennel Club, & Berrien Kennel Club will also give your four in Valaraiso IN.  Cambridge MN will be the site for the Anoka County Minnesota Kennel Club & Cambridge Minnesota Kennel Club’s four shows.   An hour outside the Big Easy is Gonzales LA the site for the Riverside West Kennel Club Of Greater New Orleans & Northlake Kennel Club Of Greater Covington’s four show weekend. 

How about a week in Orlando FL split between Disney World and the Brevard Kennel Club, the Central Florida Kennel Club, & the Space Coast Kennel Club Of Palm Bay’s three shows?  Traditional Saturday/Sunday fare can be found in Cumberland ME with the Penobscot Valley Kennel Club, in Richmond VA with the Virginia Kennel Club, in Armada MI with the Macomb Kennel Club, in Iowa City IA with the Hawkeye Kennel Club, in  Canby Or with the Clackamas Kennel Club, or, for a real adventure, in Anchorage AK with the Alaska Kennel Club.   

Finally, the place to be this week for Terrier fans is Long Beach CA for the Great Western Terrier Association Of Southern California’s two shows.  Preceded by several Terrier Breed specialties, this weekend’s shows will have over 650 dogs in the regular classes.  That’s larger than many all breed shows these days.  Think about this.  A Group Four at one of these shows might bring more points than a BIS at some of the all breed shows on the schedule.   So where would you go this weekend if you had a top Terrier?  Wherever you go, you will meet friendly people and see terrific examples of our AKC pure bred dogs.


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