Monday, April 5, 2010


CH Aspendell's Pale Rider JH

We only gave you a glimpse of the Brazos Valley Kennel Club‘s two shows in Navasota TX this weekend, telling you that the Wire Fox Terrier, CH Dalriada Mystic, was Richard Paquette’s BIS on Saturday. We can now tell you that the English Setter, CH Honeygait Wilsonlake On The Rocks, the Pharaoh Hound, Northgates As You Like It, the Akita, Stardust See You At The Show, the Maltese, CH Rhapsody's Regarding Henry, the Bichon Frise, CH Saks Hamelot Little Drummer Boy, and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, CH Heart Of Gold Power Play, were all in the hunt as well.

On Sunday, it was Paula Hartinger with the same Pharaoh Hound, Wire Fox, Maltese, Bichon, & Corgi and the German Wirehaired Pointer, CH Aspendell's Pale Rider JH, and the Akita, CH Cas Cobo Haul Eudora. Her pick for Best was the GWP, Lilly. Congratulations to breeders Robert Perry, Sean Ferraro-Perry, A McClure, owners Betsy Watkins, Sean Ferraro-Perry & Robert Perry, and handler Karen Newman.


  1. I started freaking out when I heard that Pharaoh Hound was going to be competing in the US. I'm sure he'll rack up quite a few BIS over here to add to his impressive resume.

    Anyway, congrats to the wonderful dogs who earned the judges' pick this weekend. :)

  2. Thanks for the write up on our beautiful Lilly girl....However, a couple corrections: Lilly is owned by Betsy Watkins, Sean Ferraro (Myself) and Robert Perry. A McClure is actually my daughter and is still a breeder (as you reported), but is not an owner.

    Also, thanks for posting her picture from my website, but you really should have written us and asked---the first reason being that the photos are all copyrighted by us and require our permission. The second reason being that photo was taken when Lilly was about 8 months old (that is me handling her). I could have, and would have been happy to supply you with an awesome current picture for your website!
    Thanks, Sean Ferraro-Perry

  3. Congratulations on a impressive win against formidable competition. I have removed your copy righted photo. Please feel free to forward me a photo to include with this post. This is a non-commercial site and I do not charge to include a winners photo. Where else can you reach 60,000 visitors a month for free?

  4. It is really unfortunate that when someone is providing a service we all enjoy for FREE, some people have to nit-pick and get all defensive with their corrections, don't use MY copyright picture etc. These results are mostly by text messaage, word of mouth etc. They are NOT "official" Billy, we all love what you do. I "used" to always post results for my breed but after all the drama, I will keep the results to myself and the friends I want to share them with.

  5. I appreciate the suportive comments, but honestly, I appreciate folks helping me keep the blog accurate. I'm trying to give people results in a timely fashion and I do make a lot of mistakes. I am a one man operation and have no proof readers. At times I can get pretty sloppy. lol. Additionally, I've been around this sport over 40 years and have developed a hide like a rhino. I don't take offense to the critical comments. Some people are not aware that his is an editorial, personal blog. I get no compensation and I feel no obligation to accommodate demands. I do try to keep the blog honest and unbiased. Obviously people are enjoying it. I'm getting 60,000 readers a month. ;-)

  6. I love dog show poop and get excited when the wekeend comes so I can keep up with what is happening all over the US

  7. The person who was nit picking because the author of this blog did not get your permission to use the photo,what are you going to demand next?The author to get your permission to write about your dog?There are thousands of other show people and handlers who have their dogs written about each year and you DON'T see thim having a hissy fit when a picture is being used without them being asked first.I now understand how the anonymous person feels, that has decided to no longer post the results for her or his breed.There is too much childish drama going on,which is not necessary at all!

  8. Thanks Billy ! Much better picture of Lilly.
    We were glad to provide a much more recent picture of her. To the anonymous people who were
    upset that we had a problem with using a picture without our permission, I can only say, that maybe you've been lucky enough to never publish something and never have it lifted without your permission from your website. We know, of course that Billy didn't do it as an affront , and was only trying to be helpful by providing a much more recent picture of the dog in question.

    Robert Perry
    Professional Handler

  9. I think its interesting how you mentioned you were a professional handler at the beginning and the end of your comment. It doesn't make you any better than the next dog show person.You just chose this as your career. I think the author uses alot of show photos that he may have gotten from the photographer that was at the show.If you are using show photos, you have to ask the photographers permission before you put them on your website.Did you know that?

  10. Do I think that being a professional handler makes me any different than anyone else in dogs.
    The answer is no. I have been a pro handler for
    30 plus years. Yes , it happens to be my chosen profession. And YES, I started in the same place as most everyone else in dogs. A novice with my first show dog. I was lucky enough to have some wonderful mentors, both as a breeder and a pro handler. Yes, we are aware that you need a photographers permission to use pictures on your website. But then, our website has been
    put together by Sean, my wife, who has done websites and ads for all of the current dog magazines for several of our own clients and also
    for other handlers clients. We work with professional dog photographers and dog magazine
    editors on a weekly basis. Believe me, when I say that we are not afraid to use our names when we post to a blog. We have very valid reasons to be proud of what we have done in the past and
    continue to do on a professional level.

  11. Thanks Billy for your professionalism! So glad you posted the new photo and totally respected the copyright on the other photo (besides the new photo is so much more representative of the bitch!)

    I don't know about anyone else, but I personally would hate to have a substandard photo posted and have everyone think that THAT is what was put up for BIS???? JMHO!

    Happy to post my name....

    Sean Ferraro-Perry!