Saturday, February 13, 2010


When we first exhibited at Westminster 34 years ago we showed a Maltese and we have been handicapping the Toy Group there ever since. Here’s Whom we will Watch at Westminster (WWW).

CH Smash Jp Moon Walk
(Photo by Miguel Betancourt)

The number one Toy Dog in the US last year announced his arrival in New York yesterday with a win at the prestigious Progressive Dog Club show. The Toy Poodle, CH Smash Jp Moon Walk, won 25 all breed BIS & and 111 Toy Groups, 42 more than any other Toy Dog last year, including the Group at December’s AKC/Eukanuba National Championship. Walker was bred by Yukiko Omura, is owned by Ron Scott & Debbie Burke, and is handled by Kaz Hosaka.

CH Jolei Hallmark Austin Powers

However, the number one Toy Dog so far this year is the Shih Tzu, CH Jolei Hallmark Austin Powers, with three all breed BIS. The nineteen month old won his National Specialty last May from the classes at the tender age of eleven months. Austin was bred by 2008 Toy Breeders of the Year, Luke & Diane Ehricht, is owned by Joe C Walton & Roberta Walton, and is handled by Luke.

CH Tamarin Tug
(Photo by Miguel Betancourt)

The Affenpinscher, CH Tamarin Tug, has been a top ten dog all breeds for the last two year. Taser went three for four BIS last weekend in Phoenix and is always a presence in the Group ring. Taser was bred by Jacqueline L Stacy & W Terry Stacy, is owned by Phil & Patty Smith, and is handled by Jorge Olivera.

CH Riversong's Broadway Joe

Did we mention that Shirley Limoges is doing the Toy Group at Westminster? Did we also mention that she has put up a Pug in the last three Toy Groups she has judged? Did we mention that the Pug, CH Riversong's Broadway Joe, has six Toy Group wins this year? Joe is bred & owned by Carolyn Koch and handled by Barry Clothier.

Next Poodles, a Bulldog, & other Non-Sporting Dogs.


  1. 12-18 month bitch won the Golden Ret. Long Island Specailty yesterday.

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