Thursday, December 17, 2009


Dr Claudia Orlandi
AKC Breeder Of The Year

From where we sit one of the most important awards given by the American Kennel is the annual AKC Breeder Of The Year. This year’s Breeder Of The Year is Dr Claudia Orlandi of Topsfield Basset Hounds. Dr Orlandi was chosen from seven finalists that included Leslie Russell of Avon Farm Irish Setters, Judith G Cooper of Tip’N Chip Great Pyrenees, Maripi Wooldridge of Terrydale Airedale Terriers, David Fitzpatrick of Pequest Pekingese, Jean & Robert Hetherington of Hetherbull Bulldogs, and Michelle Edling of Sky Acres Belgian Tervuren.

Dr Orlandi started her public dog career in the sixties with a Saint Bernard. It was 25 years later in 1987 that she purchased her first Basset Hound, whom she named Emma. It soon became apparent that Emma loved to hunt, prompting the formation of an AKC Basset Hound pack in Vermont. In the 1990s Dr Orlandi dubbed her kennel “Topsfield” and decided to focus on a bringing a hound that could hunt to the show ring. Dr Orlandi has bred over 100 champions, including many record holding Bassets within the breed and all breed arena. Topsfield Bassets have won multiple awards and have been dominated Westminster and the national rankings since 2000.

A teaching professional, Dr Orlandi has made incredibly significant contributions to education on purebred dogs, most uniquely Basset Hound University ( She is the author of The ABC’s of Dog Breeding: What Every Breeder Should know and Discover The Basset Hound ( An in demand lecturer, she does an ABC's of Dog Breeding seminar and a workshop called Practical Canine Anatomy for Judges and Breeders. She also judges Basset Hounds, Dachshunds, Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen's and Junior Showmanship.

Our congratulations to Dr Orlandi and all the finalists.


  1. She deserves it. Nice woman, hard worker, gorgeous dogs.

  2. im too shot of words speechless by MJ, it so cute a dog show hope we can beat yours this year cheers to all dog and animal lovers