Saturday, October 24, 2009


CH Cordmaker Field Of Dreams

We though we might have today’s results of the Sacramento Valley Dog Fanciers Association from Dixon CA for you tonight, but it appears our sources have packed it up for the evening. We did find out that Dorothy Collier chose the Puli, CH Cordmaker Field Of Dreams as yesterday’s winner of the limited breed warm up, the Northern California Herding Group Association show. Conrad also collected the Puli Club of America BISS from Sherry Gibson along the way. Conrad is currently, the number one Puli in the US, the number one Herding Dog, and the number three dog over all.

We now have this late update...Conrad & handler Linda Pitts took advantage of the momentum gained yesterday, collecting the all breed BIS today under Bill Shelton. Our congratulations to Team Conrad, breeders P Turner, A Quigley, & A & S Lawrence and owners Susan Huebner & Jackie Beaudoin, and handler Linda Pitts.


  1. Heard that the Vancouver WA shows had the Beep Lee handled Akita as best.

  2. i heard that the puli went bis again today in dixon