Friday, October 23, 2009


CH Whispering Lane Back Seat Betty

We are always amazed at how technology has affected our life. We grew up in a home equipped with one telephone nailed to the wall in the kitchen and a black & white TV entombed in a walnut cabinet in the living room, cable of picking up only four channels ABC, CBS, NBC, & PBS. Today our house is equipped with three TVs, packed with 400 plus channels we never watch, two wireless house phones, three cell phones, one notebook computer, one netbook computer, and two I-Pods. We admit that we would probably give up some unnecessary body part before giving up one of these. We are accustomed to receiving and providing information in a nano-second. So why does it take so long to get show results?

After much digging we now have the name of the BIS winner from last Sunday’s Tri-star Kennel Club Of Williamson County, Tennessee. Thomas Hale’s Best In Show was the Chinese Crested, CH Whispering Lane Back Seat Betty. As the name implies this girl has been around. Betty has been in the top five of her breed the last three years and was the number one Chinese Crested in 2007. Betty was bred by Carol J & Mark Baldwin, who co-own with S Weigand. Congratulations to them all and our apologies for taking so long to recognize them.


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