Sunday, October 18, 2009


Every time we use the term “DOG2WATCH”, we get asked, “Do you have a list of DOGS2WATCH?” Well now we do. Your attention is directed to the right hand side bar for an up to date list. We have included the current number of all breed BIS each dog has won this year and you can click on the dog's name to get a photo of the dog.

Now, before you ask what is the criteria for a DOG2WATCH, we will tell you there are no specified rules. It is more a case of 40 years of handicapping dogs, that kind of thing that makes your head snap around when a beautiful woman walks by. It is personal to each of us and trying to tell another what it is, well, just makes one look foolish.

We started back in January designating DOGS2WATCH and we admittedly have been overly enthusiastic in some cases. We remind you that many of these dogs have only recently come on to the scene and at least one is currently on hiatus from the show ring. We do have three of our picks in the top ten dogs all breeds, all picked before they entered the top 50. We hope to revise this list again at the end of the year.


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