Monday, September 28, 2009


We’ve been remiss here in not telling you about past show results from our 50th state. The Windward Hawaiian Dog Fanciers Association held two shows in the Honolulu neighborhood of Kaneohe.

CH Xeralane’s Face The Future

Raymond V Filburn Jr’s final on Saturday included the Golden Retriever, CH Lalique All In With Aces, the Rhodesian Ridgeback, Pupukea Ridge Kaulanaikamakua, the Boxer, CH Jem’s Jamming At Koawood, the Norwich Terrier, CH Loxwood’s Black Tide, the Shih Tzu, CH Xeralane’s Face The Future, the Lhasa Apso, CH Desiderata Il Paradiso, and the German Shepherd Dog, RicherslutsLaila Ali. Fittingly the BIS in Paradise went to the Lhasa, Il Paradiso, bred by Arlene Miller, who co-owns with Kathy Bogatin. Congratulations to them both.

Sunday, the Norwich, the Shih Tzu, and the Lhasa would all be back for a second attempt at a BIS, this one with judge Gary Doerge. Alos asking for consideration were the Golden Retirever, CH Lalique’s She’s A Hottoe, the Longhaired Dachshund, CH Xeralane’s Supersize, the Doberman Pinscher, CH Fantasy Island’s Inspiration, and the Shetland Sheepdog, CH Miqelon Mosaic.

It was the Shih Tzu, Future, picking up the BIS. Congratulations to breeder/owner Xerajane Kennels, co-owner Lauren Jacklin and handler Adrian Agard, If you haven’t visited the Xeralane Kennels web site, do so. Very impressive.


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