Sunday, August 2, 2009


We’ve learned over the years to celebrate life’s milestones. We believe it’s important to take notice of where you’ve been in order to maintain your sense of direction. So it’s with some satisfaction that we note that this is our 1,000th post.

When we wrote our inaugural article, Dog Show Junkie, we never anticipated that we would be this verbose, We fully expected that one or two entries a week would be sufficient to keep our interest. However, once reintroduced to the fancy we loved for over 40 years, we found there was just too much to share with other dog lovers. What we should have remembered is how welcoming the dog world is, how many generous people there are in this sport, and how enthusiastic the dog show going public is.

So we thank all of our readers, especially all those who have participated in this blog by sharing their wins, offering breed expertise, and e-mailing in show reports. We hope we can continue to be informative, entertaining, and useful to this terrific community that is the world of AKC dog shows.


  1. 1000 Thanks for such a great site. I appreciate all your posts. I am an avid reader. When you can't be at all the shows, I am on your site to see who has won. I know that this has become more than you had ever expected but you do such a fantastic job, how could it not have? Keep up the good work. We love you!!

  2. Robin, Spicerack GiantsAugust 2, 2009 at 2:33 PM

    Congratulations on your milestone! 1,000 thanks from me on your dedication to this blog. It truly helps me fulfill my "dog show junkie" needs as this is often where I read it first!

  3. Congrats, wishing you another 1000 posts! I'll be reading, that's for sure!

  4. Thank you for this blog - I think I've read each and every one of your 1000 posts!

  5. I've read them all, and your contribution to the wonderful world of showdogs is immeasurable.
    Thanks and may the next 1000 be as wonderful!

  6. Billy

    Thanks so much for your diligent reporting. It is so nice to have such speedy results and pictures to boot!

    Your dedication and love for the sport is certainly apparent.