Sunday, August 2, 2009


Week after week we play armchair quarterback and report on our doggy athletes. Like a bookie handicapping horses, we look over old results, talk to experts, and listen to handlers & breeders talk about their latest prospects. We think we do a relatively creditable job on assessing the show crowd.

Owling’s Designed By Signature
(Photo Courtesy of Patty Harbison)

However, it takes a seasoned eye and more than a little courage to spot a newcomer, give it a breed win, maybe a group win, or,most daringly, a BIS. This weekend in Marion IL it happened not just once, but twice, at the Crab Orchard Kennel Club’s two shows. The Golden Retriever, Owling’s Designed By Signature, was moved up from the classes and went the distance both days, taking Best In Show on Saturday under James White and on Sunday under Joseph Gregory.

Congratulations to breeders Rita Langford & Kate Stirrat, and owners Ginny Kladis, Molly Childers, Sussan Rich & Rita La. Ginny Kladis handled him to the win. Keep an eye out for this three year old boy.


  1. Calvin was shown by Ginny Kladis, not Vanessa Fleming

  2. Thanks for the update. Now, who has a photo?

  3. Hello, it's Patty HARBISON, provider of the photo! (Not "Hrbison," as you have listed on the blog. We're not as vowel-challenged as that!!