Friday, April 24, 2009


Good News is always worth waiting for. We just heard that our daughter, Wellesley, will receive a Georgetown Scholars’ at George Washington Hospital Scholarship to attend the university’s nursing school.

Wellesley Windover Wheeler
Our Daughter, Georgetown Bound

We originally had been promised an answer to her application for the scholarship by last Wednesday, but the school at the last moment decided to delay final decisions until today. Then, with less finesse than Ryan Seacrest announcing who got the fewest votes, they waited until the very last moment today to notify applicants less than a hour ago of the committee’s selections. The scholarship provides an 80 percent tuition credit in exchange for a commitment to work at the hospital for three years. That’s a guaranteed job upon graduation AND more than $62,000 tuition assistance. Sounds like a Happy Meal for parents.

Our thanks to all of you that wrote with words of encouragement. We truly appreciate you sharing in our joy.


  1. That is great news!! And even more so with the current economic state. Congrats again!!

  2. What great news! Congrats!!! And with the current state of the economy it is hard to put a value on a job guarantee.

  3. Yay! Obviously she deserves it!

  4. Most excellent!!! Now, can she take a look at this rash and tell me what she thinks? :*}

    Woot Woot!


  5. That is really fabulous. Huge congrats and please thank your very lovely daughter for becoming a nurse. There is such a shortage of nurses today, and how terrific that she is going to help so many people during her lifetime. Mazel tov.

  6. Loppan and her Velvety/Peremi Bedlington familyApril 25, 2009 at 7:33 PM

    now there will be one more pretty nurse, so desperately needed, great going, and good luck