Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Last week dog fanciers had a plethora of potential pleasures. This week there is a paucity of proposed possibilities, but we promise plenty of pooches to peruse.

The weekend begins tomorrow with the Utah Beehive Cluster in the Salt Lake City suburb of South Jordan. The Intermountain and Utah Valley Kennel Clubs will partner on four shows. The St. Louis Dog Breeders Association, the Spirit Of The Heartland Kennel Club , and the Jefferson County Kennel Club Of Missouri will post a trio of shows starting Friday in Gray Summit MO. Ditto for the Badger Kennel Club & Janesville-Beloit Kennel Club in Jefferson WI.

A couple of hours north of Philadelphia, the Bucks County Kennel Club will host a show in Saturday and the Trenton Kennel Club will follow with a show Sunday in West Windsor NJ, some 45 miles away. Also in Region One, the York County Kennel Club will post a twofer in Acton ME.

Four more sites have two day offerings: Watkinsville GA (Oconee River KC), Bucyrus OH (Crawford County KC), Big Spring KC (Big Spring TX), Olympia DFA (Elma WA), and Rio Hondo KC (Pomona CA)

Like we said, fewer shows means a greater likelihood you will see one of the dogs you have been reading about here. Got and get hooked on the AKC dog show world.


  1. Is there any channel that broadcasts these shows? Unfortunatly I don't have the means to travel, but would love to watch the shows if possible.

  2. The only shows that are broadcast live are Crufts and Westminster. Westminster is broadcast on CNBC and USA the second Monday and Tuesday of February. Crufts can be seen on the internet during March. the Animal Planet does tape delay broadcasts of shows, most notably the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship, but these broadcast can be several months after the fact. Also search YOUTUBE for user videos of shows. There are hundreds of vrying quality and interest. What we need is a dog show channel. Wouldn't that be great?

  3. Dog Show channel........Now that's something I'd pay a 20.00 more a month for =p.

  4. Bulldog was bis in ut today. Group winners: livingstons golden, linton's whippet, beep's Akita, a smooth fox, jorge's affen, and a sheltie.