Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Two People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) related stories crossed the news wire this week. The first was relegated to the section of the news that is reserved for humorously bizarre items. PETA has sent a letter to the manufacturers of everyone’s favorite ice cream, Ben and Jerry, suggesting that they should replace the cow’s milk in their ice cream with human breast milk. PETA rationalized that cows’ milk should be reserved for baby cows. They were, however, silent on the effect on human babies. As much as I would love to know under what name the purveyors of Chunky Monkey would market such a frosty departure from tradition, I’m afraid the Freudian implications could damage an entire generation.

The second story was the announcement that funny man Fred Willard will emcee the First Annual Worldwide Fido Awards, airing in primetime, October 5 on Nick at Nite. Willard is one of the Hollywood denizens that have come under PETA’s influence. In fact, he co hosted PETA’s 25th Anniversary Gala. It is affront to parents and dog owners everywhere that Nickelodeon has chose a PETA sympathizer to host a program dedicated to our pets. It’s like asking Pamela Anderson (Willard‘s cohost of PETA‘s 25th) to do an infomercial on chastity. I have already sent an e-mail to VIACOM protesting Willard’s choice. I encourage all of you to do the same.

Pamela Anderson and Fred Willard
at PETA's 25th Anniversary Gala

I am old enough to know that you can outlive almost anything. There is a certain economy in this approach. You can conserve your disdain for those who really deserve it. Among those I hold in such low esteem are the following members/supporters of PETA listed below. Some of them are just wannabes and has beens, but some are genuinely influential and talented people. I would like to think that they are just misguided. Hopefully their friends and publicists will persuade them to end their association with this truly evil organization.

One of their number deserves special attention. That is the eternally smug Bill Maher. Maher has used his HBO soap box to demean mainstream politics, religion, marriage, traditional medicine, meat eaters, and sobriety. While he makes a living off a society that embraces tolerance and freedom of expression, he advances a doctrine of intolerance and conformation to his own rigid sense of political correctness. Maher proudly serves on the board of PETA.

Bill Maher and Ingrid Newkirk, founder of PETA

If you only know PETA as a somewhat non-traditional animal rights organization, do a little educational reading. I’m not even going to recommend you visit their detractors' sites. I want you to get it straight from the horse’s….mouth. Visit the PETA web site and read it in their own words. Then take a shower and come back here and be thankful for the people who protect our right to keep pets.

Two things you won’t read on their site are these tidbits:

When Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh decided to refrain from eating meat during his last meal before his execution for the murder of 168 people, including children, PETA’s Bruce Friedrich told reporters: “Mr. McVeigh’s decision to go vegetarian groups him with some of the world’s greatest visionaries, including Albert Schweitzer, Mohandas Gandhi, Leo Tolstoy and Albert Einstein.”

In a Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Online Animal Report, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) reported that in 2006, they took in 3,043 animals that were surrendered by their owners. Of these 3,043 animals (1,960 cats, 1,030 dogs, 52 other companion animals, and 1 chicken), the organization reported that 2,981 animals were euthanized. The report filed by PETA shows that only 2 cats, 8 dogs, and 2 companion animals from the 3,043 animals were adopted out. This means 1,942 cats, 988 dogs, 50 other companion animals, and one chicken were euthanized which made PETA’s euthanization rate 97%.


Casey Affleck, Gillian Anderson, Pamela Anderson, Christina Applegate, Rosanna Arquette, Bea Arthur, Sean Astin, Alec Baldwin, Kim Basinger, David Boreanaz, Simon Cowell, James Cromwell, Jamie Lee Curtis, Taylor Dayne, Rebecca De Mornay, Andy Dick, Edie Falco, Corey Feldman, Carrie Fisher, Sara Gilbert, Ryan Gosling, Woody Harrelson, Paul Harvey Jr., Joan Jett, Shirley Jones, Swoozie Kurtz, David La Chapelle, Ali MacGraw, Bill Maher, Paul McCartney, Rue McClanahan, John McEnroe, Sarah McLachlan, Alyssa Milano, Hayley Mills, Heather Mills, Moby, Esai Morales, Kathy Najimy, Martina Navratilova, Olivia Newton-John, Todd Oldham, Sharon Osbourne, Sara Jessica Parker, Dolly Parton, Joaquin Phoenix, Pink, Victoria Principal, Paul Reubens, Denise Richards, Alan Rickman, Melissa Rivers, Dennis Rodman, Rev. Al Sharpton, William Shatner, Ally Sheedy, Alicia Silverstone, Russell Simmons, Oliver Stone, Charlize Theron, Fred Willard


  1. It's not animal rights groups that are out to get you.The akc are it's on worst enemy nobody can afford a 500 dollar dog.It's as simple as that.

  2. outside looking in you are targeting the worng people show people are in the major minority and the majority of the public think dog show are weird and boring. just quoting family members this year watching the dog show on thanksgiving we all think the dogs are cute of course but none of us can afford one, that, and my family and I spent the whole show wondering how dog breeding qualify as a sport.
    and from what I've seen a lot of breeders are rich so you can't really blame AR groups for your lack of akc's popularity when purebred dogs cost 500-1,000 dollars that may seem like Pocket Change to you that's a lot of money to majority of Americans. why spent that amount of money on a dog if you could just adopt one for 20 and a shelter. until the akc and its breeders realize dog breeding is a past time for the rich you are doomed for bankruptcy and in all honestly i don't think anyone will really notice. something to think about