Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Among the good news stories this week (and believe me, I have to look for a good news story) is the report of a lost show dog that has found his way home. CH Brigadoon It's All About You, a Bearded Collie, had bolted his home in Stamford, CT, on September 17. Bailey, the 2007 Westminster breed winner, was bred by Penny Hannigan and owned by Michele and Scott Piskin of Stamford, CT. Happily, he was found in nearby woods two days later and was returned home. The Piskins had equipped their property with an “invisible fence”, but had removed Bailey’s collar while indoors. When Bailey was startled by the sounds of power tools during a home renovation, he made a run for quieter spaces.

CH Brigadoon It's All About You

I am not a fan of the so called invisible fence. My brother, who owns miniature dachshunds, equipped his yard with such an underground stun gun. At one family barbeque, my brother-in-law, encouraged by an alcohol induced curiosity, decided to test the effectiveness of the fence. He removed the collar from one of the dogs and approached the fence. A moment later he laid on the ground, the collar in one hand, an empty beer can in the other, and an amazed look on his face. My brother had a conventional fence installed the next week, under threat of neutering from my wife and daughter. Albeit a bit of Monday morning quarterbacking, this old dog recommends that dogs be locked up when there are workmen are in the house.

CH Bohem C'est La Vie

Nonetheless, we are happy for Bailey and his family. Way too many dogs go missing each year. Our readers may recall the 2006 Westminster entry, the Whippet, CH Bohem C'est La Vie, who escaped her crate at JFK airport enroute home to California. “Vivi” was never found. It is somewhat comforting to remember that these incidents are rare. Most dogs make it to and from shows without any problem. Yet, we all can identify with the heratbreak of those who have lost their pets. Keep a watchful eyes on your dogs!


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