Wednesday, July 31, 2013


When I worked as a management consultant I counseled my clients to be sure to know what business they were in.  One of the major pitfalls of business is straying too far from the thing you do well, the thing that got you noticed to begin with.  For that reason we are taking a break from our Back Story column on Best In Show Daily to concentrate on bringing our audience here on Dog Show Poop timely show results, statistics, and analyses.   Our first priority must be to our loyal readers here on DSP.  

We believe the BISD site has some of the most talented people in dogs providing some of the most interesting dog related content online.  We wish our BISD colleagues well and hope we get to work with them again in the future.


  1. Welcome home!!!!

  2. Yes, Billy. About time. I hope you don't have a lag attracting your base back. For whatever reason BISD's results aren't getting much participation, though it's easy to input info. At your height, you were reliable & no one was competing w/you. Enjoyed your columns on BISD, but missed your tmely results, recaps and look at the upcoming weekend shows. I went away several months ago when it was taking 2 weeks for you to post what had happened. I didn't even send you outcomes from the shows that I went to. Welcome back. Now, kick some a#* and take some results!

  3. Hooray!! I too will be returning to visit this Blog more often now that you're back full time. Missed your unique insight and fun facts.