Thursday, January 10, 2013


We now have all the entry numbers for next week’s shows and as predicted the Portland OR’s  Rose City Classic will have the lion’s share of the points.  The Terrier Association Of Oregon will open on Wednesday for the Tualatin Kennel Club and the Dog Fanciers Association Of Oregon four all breed shows.  The five shows have a total entry of 10,000 dogs.  We will be there and hope to find the first DOGS2WATCH of the season.  We got lots of DOGGY BAG suggestions for Portland, known for it’s street food and pub scene.  However, the one that peaked our interest was Salty’s on the Columbia River, which offers Dungeness Crab Mac ‘n’ Cheese.  Sounds like our kind of comfort food.

Seaside Park, Ventura CA
The Mid-Atlantic offers up their own four day cluster, the Snowbird Cluster, in West Friendship MD.  The Annapolis Kennel Club and the Carroll Kennel Club shows follow the five all breed shows underway in Fredericksburg VA this week, giving Mid-Atlantic fanciers a close to home alternative to the mega shows elsewhere in the US.  In the Great Lakes region, exhibitors will gather in Livonia MI for the Michigan Winter Dog Classic, four shows hosted by the hometown Livonia Kennel Club and the Oakland County Kennel Club.  With 6700 dogs entered we expect many of our top dogs to opt for Michigan in lieu of Oregon.

In SOCAL (Southern California) head for Seaside Park in Ventura where the Channel City Kennel Club, the San Fernando Kennel Club, and the Ventura County Dog Fanciers Association will set up for three days in this week’s DRIVEBY spot.  Here you can always console yourself for not making the final by picnicking as you watch the sun set in the Pacific.   The rest of our shows are of the traditional two day Saturday/Sunday variety.  In the Mid-West it’s the Central Iowa Kennel Club’s two in Des Moines IA, in Texas, it’s the Fort Bend Kennel Club’s duo in Rosenberg TX, just southwest of Houston, and if you’re in the neighborhood, do spend the weekend with the West Oahu Kennel Club in Ewa HI.

And if you are in Portland, look for yours truly and say hello and tell me what you think about the dog game in general and how we can make it better.


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