Monday, September 3, 2012


GCH CH Downhome Hitech Innovator  

Another site that has already wrapped the holiday weekend is Union ME where the Central Maine Kennel Club & the Mid-Coast Kennel Club Of Maine combined for four shows this past week.    

GCH CH Jacquet’s Laredo El Encanto  

The CMKC was up first, asking Denny Mounce to do the first final.  Looking for one of the Top Two spots were the Weimaraner, GCH CH Northwoods Send Money Honey, the Harrier, GCH CH Downhome Hitech Innovator, the Boxer, GCH CH Jacquet’s Laredo El Encanto, the Lakeland Terrier,  Larkspur Acadia Spotlight, the Havanese, GCH CH Fuzzy Farm Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, the Dalmatian, GCH CH Spotlight’s Ruffian, and the Beauceron, GCH CH Beowolf Rime Des Monts Du Lac. 

The two who were successful were the Boxer, Laredo, who got the RBIS, and the Harrier, Chet, who took the BIS.  

GCH CH Northwoods Send Money Honey

Chet and the above named Weimaraner, Boxer, & Beauceron would be back to plead their case with BIS judge Stephen Hubbell at Friday’s CMKC show.  Joining them were the Airedale Terrier, Singing Hills Arabella O’Waggin-Aire, the Pug, GCH CH Castlerocks Pine Cone Mountain Rain, and the French Bulldog, GCH CH Bella Ridge Imperiale Shady Harbor Mafia Campcovo.  

Day two’s two were the RBIS, the Harrier, Chet, and the Weimaraner, Schatze.  Schatze is the winningest Weimaraner in the US with two all breed BIS and 20 Sporting Groups in a year where every Sporting Group is a battleground.   

GCH CH Spotlight’s Ruffian

The MCKCM took over on Saturday and put Jim Reynolds in the final ring with the Weimaraner, Shatze, the Harrier, Chet, the Doberman Pinscher, GCH CH Holly Woods Cat Woman, the previously mentioned the LakelandTerrier, Larkspur Acadia Hotspot, Saturday’s Pug, Chloe, Friday’s Dalmatian, Ian, and the now familiar, Beauceron, Rime.  

The day belonged to the Harrier, Chet, who got the Reserve, and the Dal, Ian, who picked up his first BIS of the set.  Ian is the country’s Number One Dalmatian with six BIS & 41 Non-Sporting Groups this year.  

At Sunday’s MCKCM closer Jean Fournier would see the Weimaraner, Schatze, the Harrier, Chet, the Bullmastiff, GCH CH Windovers Hey There Handsome, the Skye Terrier, GCH CH Seamist Big Man In Town RN, the Long Coat Chihuahua, GCH CH Roseland Eli, the above named French Bulldog, Mafia, and the Beauceron, Rime.  

She would choose the Weimaraner, Schatze, as her Reserve, and the Harrier Chet as her Best In Show.  Chet is the country’s Number Two Hound, and Number 18 Dog All Breeds with ten big rosettes this year.   


  1. Please note, there were 2 different Lakelands that won groups in Maine this weekend - littermates, sired by Spot. Both won from the puppy class.

  2. Please Note, Schatze is not the winningest Weimaraner in the US . She is currently ranked #2 Allbreed and Breed.

    1. No Weimaraner this year has more BIS or as many Sporting Groups as Schatze this year. I stand by the statement that she is the "winningest" Weimaraner so far this year. Dogs in Review & ShowSight Magazine both use Group Wins as a legitimate measure of success. In this sport there is plenty of room to recognize more than one dog in a particular breed.