Monday, May 7, 2012


GCH CH Marlex Classic Red Glare

It’s Monday Morning Mop Up time and we will start in Watkinsville GA with a belated report on the Oconee River Kennel Club’s two shows.   We would have liked to have reported in a more timely manner, but the show committee thought they were better served by withholding the on line catalog.  Well, enough of that.  You know what they say about leading a horse backwards to water….

Day one’s final featured Denny Mounce in the BIS ring with the Black Cocker Spaniel, GCH CH Casablanca’s Thrilling Seduction, the Whippet, GCH CH Bo-Bett’s Speed Demon, the Great Dane, GCH CH DRD’s The Revelation, the Norfolk Terrier, GCH CH Bigwig’s Mack The Knife, the Miniature Pinscher, GCH CH Marlex Classic Red Glare, the Bulldog, GCH CH B-Loved Nothing But Net, and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, GCH CH Dalarno Nite Song at Morningstar.

Her Best was AKC’s Number One Toy Dog, the MinPin, Classie.  Classie and owner/handler Armando Angelbello have climbed all the way to the Number Five Dog All Breeds with ten BIS this year.

GCH CH Casablanca’s Thrilling Seduction 
(Photo by Jeffrey Hanlin)

Sunday Classie & four of the Saturday finalists would join the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, GCH CH Derbys X Marks The Spot and the Puli, GCH CH Cordmaker Rumpus Bumpus in James White’s final.  He would choose as his Best In Show the Cocker, Beckham, the winningest Cocker Spaniel in AKC history.  Beckham now has 108 career BIS, 17 this year.


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